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Where to have tasty and cheap meals in Lviv.

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Any Ukrainian city can not offer such variety of architectural and historical sights as Lviv can propose the tourists. All tourists think about where they can take meals as they want to try tasty food in low price. You should not scratch your head over the question where to take meals in Lviv you just have to decide about the sum of money you are ready to spend on meals, beverages and rest after excursions.

So, if you want to take a quick meal and continue your way you will not find better place than restaurant “Puzata hata”. It offers tasty first, second and meat courses in short time that gives an opportunity to continue pleasant observing the city. This restaurant is the best place where you can eat quickly and tasty.

You can also take meals in the restaurant “Seven piggies” that is situated in the center of the city. You will not think for a long time what tasty dish to choose here as there are a lot of different dishes in the restaurant that is why you will be able to choose what to eat and what to buy. Those who like Italian cuisine will find tasty pizza in Lviv. Together with children you can eat pizza in «La Piazza» restaurant. That is why you should not think for a long time where to take tasty meals as you can visit «La Piazza» restaurant and enjoy wonderful pizza. If you are looking for a place where you can not only eat but also entertain yourself you should choose club-pub “Cult”.