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Tourists in Lviv

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Let's go to Lviv on days off


   Tourist company Bee Travel is a team of keen followers and people fond of their native city. Particularly for this reason we offer not only to travel in different parts of the world, but also strongly recommend tourists to visit Lviv. Really, can it be different, if in our opinion this is the best place on the Earth? All, who are grimly determined: “We are going to Lviv”, first of all, have to decide on kind of transport, by which they will go the tourist capital of Ukraine.

   There are many to choose: you can easily come to us by plane, by train or by car. Airport “Lviv” permits to use both national and international airlines. All railway routes ofWestern Ukrainecome through Lviv, that’s why most of Ukrainians get to our city by train. Tourists from European countries (Poland, Hungary, ChezhRepublic, Austria etc.) also may get to Lviv by train. If you say: “I will go to Lviv by bus or by car of my own”, it won’t sound strange, because many highways join our ciy with other Ukrainian and European cities. A wide range of choice gives every tourist an opportunity to take an independent decision on the kind of transport.

   Employees of Bee Travel agency will meet you after arrival in the city with delight regardless of chosen kind of transport. You are advised to get in touch with our managers before your departure, because they may give precious recommendations for luggage, clothes (for current weather conditions), when it is better to come to attend an interesting arrangement. In a word, our company simalteniously declares aloud: “We invite you to come to Lviv” and applies every effort to make your trip never-to-be-forgotten.

We invite everybody in Lviv!
We invite everybody in Lviv!

   Get in the website of Bee Travel, if you want to make sure that miracles really exist! You will see an announcement on the first page of the website “Everybody is invited to Lviv!” and understand that if you find at least a couple of days for rest in Lviv, managers of Bee Travel will be able to organize it for you to the highest standard! It will be the best trip in your life! Entertainments and different excursions, visits of the best city cafes and an opportunity to drop in the Chocolate Workshop, to participate in cultural festivals and to fly in air-balloon over lovely, old-age and wonderful Lviv – all this is for those, who will answer the call of Bee Travel “Everybody is invited to Lviv!”.

We advice tourists to go to Lviv
We advice tourists to go to Lviv

   You can get to know how to get to Lviv better from your city, having called to managers of Bee Travel company. They will book the best tickets for any kind of transport, and if a bus tour is being organized, you will be able to get to Lviv together with your group by a comfortable bus. We advice tourists to go to Lviv in a period when festivals or holidays of different scale are held in the city: within several days of staying in the city you will be able to see much more interesting performances.

Go to Lviv for weekend

   How can managers of travel agency Bee Travel be useful for me, if I go to Lviv for weekend? Firstly, I can order excursion programs that are interesting for me - both round the city and outside it. Secondly, I can count on the best rooms in a hotel. Thirdly, I will be recommended the most popular cafes and restaurants. If we go to Lviv with a group, we will surely order services of an individual guide at Bee Travel, and we will have a perfect weekend!