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Tourists in Lviv

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Trips to Lviv for tourists. How to get to Lviv


   Tourist Lviv is not only an ancient history, multinational culture and architecture, many different events, cultural and sport ones are held in it; here you may have a wonderful time and make unforgettable walks. Therefore trips to Lviv are so popular among representatives of different social groups of Ukrainian population as well as foreign tourists. Beauty of the city and its unique atmosphere make any trip to Lviv a milestone event in any human being’s life. 

   One may visit the ancient city to wonder through its narrow streets, to drink a cup of special Lviv coffee, to breathe local air saturated with history. As soon as you have arrived in Lviv, you would like not only to see historical and architectural monuments, but to learn about them as much as possible. Tourist company Bee Travel is always ready to satisfy tourists’ informational hunger. Professional guides of the company are ready to tell about their favorite city as long as possible. Bus and walking tours arranged by the company allow to see not only sights of Lviv, but to immerse in its history and culture.

  All who wish to visit the tourist capital of Ukraine, may easily get to Lviv, because they can travel either by plane, by train or by car. 

To come to Lviv on your own

   Would you like to come to Lviv fast and with maximum comfort? Then order bus tours from your city in Bee Travel and travel with comfort. Your group will be provided with a comfortable bus with all conveniences, an air conditioner and a TV set, your way to Lviv will seem short. In order to get to Lviv on your own you may choose any kind of transport – by train, car or plane. The way of spending a leave in Lviv must be merry and light, because waiting for pleasant adventures is not less joyful than adventures themselves. 

How it is better to get to Lviv?

   How is it possible to reach Lviv quickly and comfortably? If you like knock of wheels and traditional tea in a cabin, choose a railway journey. If you like to spare time, you may book tickets for a flight on Bee Travel’s website; there are flights to Lviv in all large cities in our country and abroad. Also you can get to Lviv by bus and this is especially comfortable, if the tourist group is being formed in your city and has booked a bus tour. But if suddenly you have some doubts and you don’t know how to get to Lviv, feel free to phone Bee Travel company – we know everything about getting to Lviv as fast and as comfortable as possible!

Time of trip to Lviv

   How to make your trip to Lviv memorable, bright, making you to return here again and again? Certainly, the first visit to Lviv has to be organized so that its program will include the maximum number of interesting events. You may go to Bee Travel’s website and look through the poster of events for the period of the upcoming trip to Lviv. You will be able to choose the suitable time of trip to Lviv, having dated it for future festivals or competitions. Besides, for your trip to Lviv to become both informative due to interesting excursions and full of fun, you are invited to go to fashionable clubs and the most stylish cafes of the city, go to aquapark and taste chocolate in the Chocolate Workshop.