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Tourists in Lviv

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Trips to Lviv, trip around Lviv


   Every tourist imagines his or her travel to Lviv in his/her own way. Some dream walking through the streets and parks of the city in warm summer, about a calm evening with drinking a cup of flavoured Lviv coffee in a coffee house opposite an old cathedral. Many people arrive in Lviv for particular event in the highly busy life of the city: holidays, festivals, competitions. There is a group of travelers, interested in national peculiarities, New Year or Christmas celebration.

   One and all guests of Lviv would like to see monuments of the centuries-long history and culture, which are better learnt with the help of experienced guides, who love their profession. Such professionals are employed in Bee Travel company, which offers its clients walking and bus tours around Lviv and the region. For you to enjoy the skillfully organized tour round Lviv and not to miss the main remarkable monuments and interesting places of the city contact Bee Travel and a lot of impressions and emotions will make this travel one of the best in your life. 

Go to travel round Lviv

   Get rid of your usual companion – laziness and start out travelling round Lviv! Believe that the trip to ancient Lemberg will be much brighter than a weekend spent on the sofa in front of TV. The trip to Lviv organized by Bee Travel company can become your best adventure in the coming years, but it may be safely said that in your city there are not so many historical and architectural monuments as in Lviv; in your city cafes coffee is not made so deliciously; only travelling round Lviv it is possible to enjoy real and the best chocolate from the Chocolate Workshop right after the end of its preparation!

Your trip to Lviv together with Bee Travel

   How to organize a trip around Lviv in order to see the most beautiful places of the city in shortest period of time, to enjoy its panorama from the observation platform, manage to sightsee medieval castles and to go to dungeons of Lviv? Certainly, with managers of tourist agency Bee Travel. Your trip together with Bee Travel will be organized so that to satisfy your interest, let you to visit the best cafes and restaurants, give the possibility to attend exhibitions or concerts and come back home with many impressions from the trip to Lviv.

Travel round Lviv
Travel round Lviv

  Oh, Lviv! This wonderful city keeps so many mysteries and legends! The travel round Lviv will become for you a little discovery, if you arrive in the old capital of Galicia for the first time. If the travel to Lviv has become traditional for you, then do not worry: source of surprises and pleasant revelations won’t dry up. Even if you have been to all museums of the city, sightseeing tours, have got acquainted with history of the city and have gone down in its dungeons, the trip to Lviv during one of many annual festivals and holidays will show you brand new image of the city.