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Tourists in Lviv

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Individual passenger transportation in Lviv. Tourist transportation

It is difficult to overestimate role of transport in our life. Nowadays everyone agrees that transport really is “not a luxury, but a vehicle”, which permits solving any matters on spatial movement. A modern businessman can’t exist without his own car. But individual transport does not do for every situation. Group excursions, corporate weekends, holding of meetings or departure of colleagues and business partners groups – these and other tasks can be fulfilled only due to carriage of passengers by cars. Passengers’ carriage in Lviv is most frequently related to servicing of tourists, scientists and businessmen visiting the city. Organization of various excursions round the tourist capital and beyond it, servicing of scientific symposia, conferences and business meetings, transport support of corporate events – transport services for passengers groups carriage, which for a long time and successfully are provided by travel agency Bee Travel. Tourist carriages of passengers in Lviv provided by the agency are comfortable and safe and are performed by any category of transport (from VIP to econom class) depending on the clients’ choice. At the clients’ request Bee Travel’s employees will select an optimal kind of transport with the required number of seats and will offer variants of the most suitable routes for any bus passengers’ carriages. Offering carriages round Lviv by buses of European class the company gives its clients an opportunity to choose transport from a long list of buses and minibuses, which technical condition is under control, and provides the best price variants. Professional drivers with a large record of service will not only skillfully show their native city, but fulfill inter-city passengers’ carriages from Lviv to any tourist attraction, resort chosen by the client or the place of corporate party holding. Every guest of the city or a small tourists group (for instance, family) can order such individual carriages of passengers fulfilled by cars or minivans. Services can be paid in cash in Bee Travel’s office or through cashless transfer, but it is necessary to remember that any carriages of passengers must be ordered in advance.

Order of individual carriages of passengers

  On Bee Travel’s website you can make an order of individual carriages of passengers, which provide an independence and liberty of movement. When booking an individual tour to Lviv, you are recommended to order carriages of passengers by car in order to allocate time planned for resting in Lviv optimally, leaving “business before pleasure” and not to run hurry-scurry, sightseeing quickly all outstanding monuments and moving to other ones.

Tourist transfers in Lviv
Tourist transfers in Lviv

   Bee Travel company proposes transfer by European class buses round Lviv. You can make an order for a group of tourists, who plan to spend their common vacation in Lviv. Why passenger tourist transfers in Lviv for tourists are comfortable? Certainly, they are comfortable, because they allow drawing up an excursion and trip program independently. Ordering a car or a bus for the period of your vacation, you can plan trips out of town, excursions round the city, picnics or even attendance of at surrounding towns.

Carriage of passengers in Lviv

   Bee Travel company renders transport services for carriage of groups of passengers. On the website of the tourist company you can choose not only the best and the most interesting tours round Lviv and individual excursion programs, but also order transport, if you are going to attend the city together with a group. Collective trips, corporate week-ends in Lviv, vacations together with colleagues or a large group of friends require a transport to move round the city and its suburbs. So, carriage of passengers in Lviv organized by Bee Travel will be obligatory; moreover, it is possible to order them online on the company’s site. At Bee Travel it is possible to order any kind of transport for your comfort - from a passenger car to a minibus.