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Tourists in Lviv

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Tours to Lviv. Lviv city break.


   Excursion tours to Lviv are arranged by many organizations, but most frequently the best services indeed professionally are provided by tour operators, among which No.1 in Lviv is Bee Travel. One- and two-day tours to Lviv ideally do for city breaks. It is enough to feel special atmosphere of this city and have a nice rest in Lviv.

   Besides, Bee Travel offers family tours to Lviv, you will reside not in hotels, but in flats on a lease by the day. Such settlement foresees larger convenience and comfort. It is easy to make sure herein – choose exactly these tours to Lviv offered by tour operator Bee Travel.

  In fact there are many tours round Lviv and the region, with some of them you can get acquianted on our website; if you have not found the suitable on, we will select you the tour strictly according to your desires. All tours around Lviv are distinguished by emotions and impressions they cause after their making, so ask our managers in advance as to what you need and we will obligatory make your rest interesting, tireless and full of fun.

  When forming prices for tours we take into accunt everythinh for your financial capabilities tocoincide with your desires. We have transport of our own as well as staff of guides, which permits to make the tours chaper and avoid excessive problems.