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Tourists in Lviv

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   Lviv is a unique old city. Many tourists admire its beauties and many-sidedness. Guides in Lviv will help you to get acquainted with the city, its history and prominent monuments. Guides’ services are very diverse: they can organize a simple walking or bus sightseeing tour around the city and show particular monuments. Professional guides around Lviv will help you to immerse in the city history, they will show different old churches, tell history of fortifications of Bernardine monastery and also conduct an excursion on Lychakiv Cemetery.

   If you want to examine one or another prominent monument closer, a private guide, who will arrange an excursion in suitable time and in the planned format, will help you. The private guide around Lviv will give you full and comprehensive information and reply to all your questions.

  Guides around Lviv are professionals, who arrange excursions both for Russian-speaking and foreign tourists. As a rule, a special escort guide works with groups of foreign tourists; in Lviv it is not so difficult to find such guides, it is enough to contact tourist company Bee Travel. All our guides around Lviv have been conducting various excursions both for Ukrainian and foreign tourists for a long time, that’s why you should not hesitate that having used services of our guides you will be satisfied with your trip to Lviv.

Guides in Lviv from Bee Travel
Guides in Lviv from Bee Travel

   It would be convenient to travel around the unknown city with a person, who is perfectly familiar with every street and alley and is well-informed about the ancient history of Lviv. If you have come to Lviv as independent tourists, but want to familiarize with the city, you may order private guide’s services in travel agency Bee Travel. Our guides not only know our history very well, but can present it very well. In Lviv the individual guide will show you the best sights and you will certainly fall in love with ancient Lemberg.

Guides’ service in Lviv
Guides’ service in Lviv

   How to order guides’ service in Lviv, if you want to come on your own, with your own group? Feel free to contact Bee Travel Company with a young and active labor team fond of their job and city. Tour guides around Lviv from Bee Travel will not only show you monuments and tell a unique history of the city, but also will lead you to the most inconceivable places of ancient Lemberg, among which the city dungeons come first. In Lviv Bee Travel guides will show medieval castles located on the outskirts and will to rise in the air on a balloon together with you.

Escort interpreter in Lviv

   Would you like to get as much use and information as possible and return from the trip to Lviv with the brightest impressions? So, order private guide’s services on Bee Travel’s website. It is clear that price of this service will be somewhat higher that services of a guide of a large tourist group, but you can’t even imagine how interesting an excursion in Lviv conducted by the private guide can be! All the more you will be accompanied by our company’s employee, a native citizen, who loves his native city with all his or her heart. Certainly, if necessary, the escort interpreter will be at your service in Lviv, and he or she will help to discover the most mysterious secrets of the ancient city.