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Tourists in Lviv

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Today Lviv. Bee Travel company will show you new Lviv.

   No matter how much you have learnt from the books and articles about Lviv it will be interesting for you to see Lviv today, to explore its life and to find something that can attract your attention. Trying to tell you about today Lviv we constantly add interesting information about Lviv to the web-site of our agency, search for new pictures and videos that will help you to imagine this city. Of course, any picture will not deliver the effect that the trip to a modern Lviv can provide to you therefore, our web-site about Lviv helps to see it through the eyes of people who live here and who feel that every stone and every tree is native and close for them. According to the posted on our web-site materials about Lviv you will have an opportunity not only to imagine today Lviv but also to plan your trip to the historical and at the same time modern Lviv more carefully.

   Web-site of our agency will help you to plan your trip, to find the most interesting routes and to select the places you have obviously to visit. Like any other old city Lviv offers a lot of exciting tours that you will be able to cover for more than one or even two days. In order to plan your visit to Lviv, to see both old and modern Lviv you have to define interesting for you routes in advance. We hope that our web-site will help you to solve this task. 

Today in Lviv

   What can tourists sightsee today in Lviv? Choice is enormous! These are wonderful architecture monuments and historical places survived perfectly, a great number of museums. Today`s Lviv –is a harmonious symbiosis in an ancient part of the city and in modern one, which present surprising combination in its organic unity. Before the trip you can overview Lviv through online map, having underlined for yourself the most interesting places to visit and important excursions (from your point of view). Tourists can overview narrow tight streets of an ancient center and go for a walk round modern wide avenues with help of an online excursion round Lviv; visit mysterious underground of Lviv and go up to an observation platform of High Castle Hill, from where opens a great City view.  It is not less interesting to look at  Lviv city online at the stage of a preparation for a trip to ancient Lemberg, than to travel with an individual guide round its streets, squares, castles and monasteries. So, use a virtual map of Lviv, walk online round streets, choose the most interesting excursions direction for yourself. After all, more theory you learn about history and outstanding places of Lviv, more exciting your trip will be to Lviv.