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Tourists in Lviv

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Excursion routes around Lviv. Guide

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   What to do if you arrived in Lviv independently without a clear travel plan? How to organize your walks round the city, so that to see a lot of interesting places for the weekend, historical and architectural monuments, to manage visiting museums and to see memorials? First of all, the tourist, who travels alone, needs to buy a tourist guide, but it’s possible to use a city map, which can be got for free in an airport or at the railway station or in the info center. For those, who have modern facilities - phones and tablets, it is easier to create their own route round the city. It’s only necessary to use the electronic guide (GPS) and draw up an exact plan for themselves. 

   It is recommended to refer to the website of Bee Travel tourist agency for those, who would like to use already verified and developed in advance guided tours round the city and to get detailed information about Lviv, and also to specify where it is better to stop - in a hotel, private apartments or a hostel. Managers of the tourist agency will advice where to stay, have meals or what places tourists, who arrived in Lviv with family and children or travel together, or prefer to rest with friends, can visit. But different Lviv visitors need different conditions of rest and meals, and what fits to a cheerful company of young people will not suit a family with a little child. But the tourist guide round Lviv will help everybody without exception, because there are pointed the main outstanding monuments of the city, historical places, food points, hotels, gas stations, cafes and cultural establishments.

Route around Lviv

   With the help of an official online guide or a paper guide it is possible to draw up a detailed route of events, visits of museums and popular restaurants and cafes long before the trip. Additional information is available on tourist portal about Lviv and if you have chosen a correct approach to planning, it is possible to do a lot for several days of staying in the city! Working out routes from the city and inside it, writing a plan of visiting monuments in detail, choosing time for exhibitions, restaurants and participation in festivals it is possible to organize a wonderful, interesting and educative rest in Lviv. If you would like to receive a full scope of information about the rest in Lviv, get in the website of tourist company Bee Travel, where you will not only be told about all advantages of resting in Lviv, but an optimal excursion route will be worked out, a hotel room will be booked, the best restaurants will be recommended, individual guide’s services will be ordered.