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Rest in Lviv. Information about us

   Our employees are licensed guides and escort interpreters, specialized in arrangement of walking and bus excursions around Lviv and its suburbs. We conduct excursions in several languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English and German.. 

9, Grygorovych Str., Lviv

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   Rest in Lviv can be active, relaxing or … a holiday in Lviv. When planning to spend a holiday unforgettable like nothing on Earth, Lviv must be put on the first place in the list of the most remarkable places to travel to. Holidays in Lviv are interesting not due to many ancient architectural monuments or because this is one of few Ukrainian cities, where our national traditions are being kept up. A special atmosphere of the city itself is the main reason of its popularity among tourists from many countries of the world… If you meet people, who have been to Lviv before at least once, you will hear different responses, which though will have much in common – a fantastic rest! On the contrary from many other tourist world centers, prices in Lviv are quite loyal, which allow to spend interesting and memorable holidays in the city, not throwing money away.

   Responses about holidays in Lviv permit to feel how much the city inspires and wakes up imagination of its visitors. Your rest can be inexpensive, if you stop in one of numerous hostels, because even here you will just stay over – during the rest of the time you will wish to walk over fabuluous streets of the central part of Lviv. For people, who are eager to come to Lviv, prices for rest vary significantly depending on purposes and advantages. If you want to get a cultural rest in Lviv, to spend leisure watching the architectural heritage of the city, visiting its churches and museums, you can freely rely on a small budget, which allows to rest in Lviv at reasonable prices. Another pair of shoes, if you got interested in numerous responses about holidays in Lviv spent in fascinating theme restaurants, each of which differs from one another. In this case, you will have to calculate budget and prices for rest in Lviv by yourself – but this is quite a different story…