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Tourists in Lviv

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Rent of cars in Lviv. Rent of car with or without driver

   If you have arrived in Lviv to see its beautiful places and its outstanding monuments for a short period of time, and if your business trip assumes a continuous movement around the city and meeting with many people, you can resolve the question of lack of time by renting a car in Lviv.


   Such demanded tourist service as rent of cars in Lviv is also widespread. Many companies offer this kind of service both inhabitants of the city and its visitors, therefore it is possible to see an announcement “Car rental in Lviv” in any corner of the tourist capital of Ukraine. But rent is not difficult affair when the person is confident in reliability of the firm, where he is going to rent a car.

  It is better for travelers to rely on a travel company which they trust to. Bee Travel agency offers rent of cars to its clients only at checked and well-proven firms in Lviv. Having used the travel agency’s offers, you will be confident in a perfect technical condition of a car, that you will get maximum package of services (unlimited run, repair or replacement of the car, insurance) for absolutely reasonable price. Rent of a car with a driver will suit those, who are not savvy in machinery; rent of the best brands of cars and even rare cars will suit those, who need to impress others or to tickle own vanity. If you have already planned your trip to Lviv, have chosen the tourist route or the program of business meeting, and you need only to rent a car, Lviv is the city, where tourist company Bee Travel will solve this task easy and quickly.

Rental of car with a driver in Lviv

   If the program of your trip to Lviv includes many meetings, parties, business lunches, feasts with business partners and all these events are held in Lviv, you will not do without rental of a car with a driver. Get in tourist agency Bee Travel’s website and you will not only be offered with rental of the car with a driver in Lviv and also interesting leisure time and entertainments for your colleagues will be organized. Bee Travel company gives an opportunity to combine an active work with a high quality and interesting rest for all visitors of the city - active tourists, curious newcomers, corporate clients.

Services of car rental in Lviv
Services of car rental in Lviv

   Total freedom and independence, the possibility to see more interesting places in a short period of time, to meet with business partners or to communicate with friends – a tourist can use all these advantages, if he or she rents a car in Lviv. Contact with Bee Travel’s managers on the matter of renting a car of necessary class, with a driver or without him, decide upon meeting you at the airport or at the station, clarify all other conditions. The travel agency has been working on the market of tourist services and business tourism for a long period of time and will arrange car rental in Lviv with pleasure.

Car rental in Lviv
Car rental in Lviv

   If you are short of time or simply want to get make your rest as comfortable as possible, Bee Travel company can organize the car rental in Lviv for you. You will be provided with cars of business class at your disposal, if necessary – with a driver. Meeting at the airport or at the station, sightseeing tours, organization of business meetings, a trip in the country for having a rest or excursions round the castles - all these opportunities are provided due to car rental in Lviv.