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   Oh, these night walks round Lviv! How many mysteries and romances they have, but not in vain many sweethearts arrive in Lviv and firstly they order in Bee Travel tourist agency a romantic walk at moonlight. Night walk round Lviv streets is an opportunity to see the silent, wonderful and sleeping city, which calmed down after day vanity in halo of lamps. As a rule, places for night walk round Lviv are chosen not only to show how wonderful the city is at moonlight, but also to tell many interesting stories about it. Night walking tour round Lviv can be made either on foot or by bus. They both have their own advantages. If you order the walking tour round the city in Bee Travel agency, you will be able to consider in details monuments of architecture and history, touch stones of a pavement by hand, on which people ran more than three hundred years ago, and it is reflected in stones. And here is the bus guided tour round the city, it is the fastest way to see the city.

   You will see a great number of interesting places, popular monuments and you will take pictures near them. A walk with taking pictures may become an informative excursion at the same time for those, who arrive in Lviv to take a photoset, if you order services of the individual guide in Bee Travel tourist agency. He or she will show you not only the most beautiful places of ancient Lemberg, worthy to appear in your pictures. You can choose the route of walking tour round Lviv by yourself, but Bee Travel offers routes of walking tours round streets of ancient Lemberg or avenues of modern Lviv, which have been already developed with consideration of interests of most tourists.

Night excursions around Lviv

    Apart from a romantic walk for two or an evening walk for groups in tourist agency Bee Travel you can take a fascinating, mysterious and even a bit frightful walk through dungeons of Lviv. This trip differs from a walk around the streets of Lviv and is especially popular among those, who know that any dungeons or catacombs preserved a centuries-long mystery. For tourists, who lead an active way of life, Bee Travel’s managers can offer bike rides around the city. A fresh wind, mobility, an opportunity to ride where any bus can not squeeze through, to see many interesting sights and to attend different places in the course of the day – these are advantages of bike rides around Lviv. In short, if you are going to come to Lviv, choose a tour and different routes. Virtual walks round Lviv, the online guide, video of walks around Lviv and a wide range of interesting routes from Bee Travel are at your service. Ukraine offers the best and the most interesting walks around Lviv on behalf of tourist company Bee Travel and supposes that guests of the country will admire ancient Lemberg and hospitality and friendliness of its native citizens.