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Tourists in Lviv

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Top Lviv news

  For people who are going to visit Lviv, news are a very important source of information that allows to plan your trip more correctly. As in any other big city, in Lviv many events take place in different areas of city life - recent political news from the city are constantly appearing, news of culture and art  always make happy connoisseurs with something new and sports enthusiasts can closely follow surprises prepared for then in city sports news.

  Having visited Lviv, it will seem to you that time has just stopped here as the ancient streets and architectural monuments of different ages, but this feeling is quite deceptive. In fact, life in Lviv is quite dynamic and active  typical for all large cities and the city news is a powerful proof of this fact. Something is always going on – sometimes interesting, sometimes tragic, and sometimes imperceptible. But, generally, all Lviv news create an attractive and bright picture of the lively and developing city, which is interesting to visit both for contemporaries and connoisseurs of centuries-old history, reflected in the heart of the city. We recommend to follow news of Lviv and to plan your visit of the city as soon as possible.