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Is it possible to observe the life of modern and actively developing European city and carefully preserved Ukrainian traditions? Yes, but only if you have rest in Lviv, the city of paradoxes and mysteries. Tourists who come to Lviv for the first time are impressed by excursions to the historical part of the city and leave unforgettable impressions that can be compared only with the most pleasant moments of their lives. Amazing is the fact that Lviv allows you having rest both enjoying ancient architecture and active life and rhythm of big modern city. During the day Lviv can charm you with wonderful excursions around ancient streets and beautiful abbeys while in the evening you can visit one of the restaurants that have already became true Lviv sights along with centenary architectural buildings.

    While visiting Lviv you should not search the sights as they are meeting you on every street corner telling their ancient secrets and interesting stories. Lviv where excursions are held not only during the day but also late evenings is interesting because every house, every monument and even every paving stone has its interesting history. You can perfectly combine your rest in Lviv with obtaining knowledge about the history of Lviv as sights here are not only a background for taking photos but also places that make you stop for a while and think about past and present. Excursions around Lviv don’t let you feel bored as here you will find a lot of crossing routes, epochs and memories that gives you an opportunity to live in another and unusual world. Spend your vacation in Lviv as sights of our wonderful city are waiting for you in order to hold fantastic excursions that combine past, present and future…

   Book bus tour to Lviv and have a true holiday in order not to spend next days off lazily laying on the sofa in front of TV. “Bee Travel” web site offers different tours to Lviv. Romantic tours to Lviv are offered to beloved as wishes made under the ancient heavens of the city will definitely come true. Family days off tours are for those who want to show the world to their children, acquaint them with the culture and skills of obtaining useful information. Those who want to spend time with the fellow thinkers can book bus tours to Lviv on “Bee Travel” company web site in order to strengthen the relations. You can book any kind of rest on “Bee Travel” web site – active tours, quests for youth, excursion tours for the curious tourists, exclusive tours for sybarites, theme tours to Lviv dedicated to the numerous fests. The earlier you start preparing to the trip, planning your excursions and booking tours to Lviv on “Bee Travel” web site the bigger discount you get. Let yourself get maximum positive emotions getting acquainted with the city as Lviv is considered to be a tourist Mecca of the western Ukraine and there are a lot of things to see.

If you are going to visit Lviv you can select excursions considering your interests and priorities. Any trip should be planned beforehand and the more information about Lviv you find the more interesting and colorful your vacation in Lviv is. You can ask “Bee Travel” managers what excursions around Lviv should be taken by those who are going to visit the city for the first time and for those who visit Lemberg quite often. You can select sightseeing excursions around Lviv and tours to mediaeval castles that are included to “Zolotaya podkova”. You can also order services of a personal guide and make your trip more interesting and eventful. Surely, price for the excursions around Lviv with a personal guide is a little bit higher than a group walk around the city, however you receive considerably more impressions from the guidance of the local who tells about interesting and significant events from the history. So, if you want to get useful and exciting information provided by individual guide you should book excursions around Lviv guided by the worker of “Bee Travel” company. Select the excursions after your liking and tours that let you not only fulfill the knowledge with the details of creation and development of the city but also touch. Come to know the city and you surely receive great pleasure and interesting information

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