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Tourists in Lviv

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Excursion programs for groups. Best excursions around Lviv


   In Ukraine there are many beautiful places and wonderful monuments, but ancient Lviv by right comes one of the first in rating of the most popular tourist places of the country. Companies of young friends, school and labor teams, families with children and romantic couples regularly make guided tours to Lviv from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities.

   Many tour operators inspired by high demand for such trips offer romantic guided tours to Lviv. But it is cheaper and more reliable to buy goods from the manufacturer and excursions – from their organizer. The best excursions around Lviv can be bought in travel agency “Bee Travel”, which knows its native city like the back of its hand. The agency’s managers choose guided tours around Lviv according to its clients’ preferences and requests, which positively affects the corporate reputation.

   Excursion programs around Lviv offered by “Bee Travel” can be looked through on the company’s website. More detailed information about them you can receive from the employees. For those, who would like to sightsee as much as possible within the shortest period of time bus guided tours around the city and its outskirts are organized. Bus sightseeing tour around Lviv will let you get to know with the main remarkable monuments of the city: St. George’s Cathedral, Dominican Cathedral, the Bernardine church, the Potocki Palace etc. Tourists eager to feel atmosphere of Lviv, breathe with its air impregnated with olden times, prefer walking guided tours. They view the historical center of the city, take a walk over Shevchenko’s grove, attend Lychakiv Cemetery.

   Even one-day tours allow to get to know with Lviv, to enjoy taste of its famous coffee and chocolate. And any weekend is a good reason to make two-day tours, having stopped for a night in a hotel, an apartment or a hostel, which “Bee Travel” may book for you. Wishing to take part in one of numerous local celebrations or festivals you should choose three-day tours to see the whole program of the events and monuments of Lviv.

Walking excursion tours around Lviv

    It is necessary to walk deliberately around ancient streets, feel paving centenary stones, breath Lviv air and peer into locals’ faces in order to understand the city. That is why first of all we recommend walking excursion tours around Lviv to those who want to plumb the mystery of the city. It is a plus if your program includes night walks around Lviv as it is a special pleasure to see beautiful Lviv in the moon light and in the light of illuminations. Those who want to see more interesting places for several days are offered to take sightseeing bus excursion around Lviv and its suburbs.

Excursion programs around Lviv
Excursion programs around Lviv

   “Bee Travel” company offers sightseeing excursion programs around Lviv to those who come to the city for the first time and reservation of bus tours around Lviv suburbs to those who think that it is possible to investigate Lviv endlessly and already know the history of the ancient capital of Galicia. You can see wonderful ancient castles of mediaeval knights, visit museums and enjoy beautiful and unique architecture of Lviv suburbs.

Best excursions around Lviv

   Probability of the repeated visit to Lviv increases proportionally to the impression that the tourist receives during his first trip to the city. “Bee Travel” company offers such simple formula of successful tour to Lviv. It is really true as during your stay in the city you can take excursions and if they are conducted perfectly you will certainly come again as there are so many interesting sights and monuments in Lviv that it is impossible to see everything at a time. Let “Bee Travel” staff organize excursion tour for you and you will get an unforgettable vacation!