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For independent tourists

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5, 10 or more people – this is a group order with an individual guide and an excursion program according to your demands.

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For individual Lviv tourists

    What does “Bee Travel” company offer to individual tourists? Reception at the airport or at the railway station, reservation of any kind of accommodation including apartments and best hotels, reservation of restaurants, organization of transfer and booking of the car for trips, services of individual guide and interpreter. Besides, “Bee Travel” managers can develop special program considering your desires and preferences.

Reception of individual tourists in Lviv
Reception of individual tourists in Lviv

   “Bee Travel” company offers reception of individual tourists in Lviv. At tourists’ disposal we provide reservation of best hotels or cozy private apartments in the ancient center of the city, organization of transfer and cars of a business class in order to take excursions. Besides, you can use services of a personal guide and if you have language barrier we also offer services of interpreter. Individual tour to Lviv includes booking excursions to the countryside, ballooning, trips to ancient castles, flights and etc.

Excursion services in Lviv
Excursion services in Lviv

   “Bee Travel” company offers individual tours that include personal guide and interpreter if needed. Individual excursion services in Lviv cost a little bit more than group tours but communicating with a guide at least for a half of an hour you understand that it’s the best way to learn ancient and modern history of the city. Moreover your guide will be the worker of our company and the local who knows and loves Lviv as nobody else.