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Corporative teambuilding for companies in Lviv. MICE-tours


   The most experienced chiefs have understood long ago that in order to group employees of the company not only ability for correct and exact organization of working process is needed, but also an opportunity for employees’ communication in an informal atmopshere must be provided. For strengthening the team all possible methods are used such as: organization of city breaks, common tour programs and attendance of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, visiting sessions and presentations. Such type of tourism for the staff and employees of one company or enterprise has its international name – teambuilding. Corporate teambuilding is a part of business tourism, also well-known as MICE-tourism (Meetings / Intensives / Conferences / Exhibitions-tourism). As it is known, large western companies spend a lot of money to stimulate their employees, organize intensive tours and corporate trips, unite staff and strengthen team spirit. At last, events, which are held under the slogan of corporate training, firstly influence the increase of work productivity and efficiency of business teams. 


   Besides, emotional staff unity and trips within intensive tourism are used to increase skills of capability to work in team and conform to corporate ethics, training employees and increase of operability of the staff. Companies, which use the opportunities of teambuilding, are predicted to success and prosperity, because it is known that increase of the company’s efficiency depends not only on professionalism of its employees. but also on the level of their skill to communicate and capability to work in team. MICE tours provide holding of business meetings, organization of incentive tours for partners, participation in exhibitions and conferences, and also participation of staff members in corporate training and events. Corporate teambuilding differs from usual tourist trips and, as a rule, can be more various and unique. The program of an intensive tour can include both visiting a football match and a common sauna visit or both variants. The main thing in the corporate tourism is to organize and hold rightly the meeting, excursion, dinner or conference. Company services over the organization of MICE tourism allow not only to offer employees of the company high-quality rest and effective visiting sessions but also will provoke its carrier growth with guaranty and, in general, prosperity of the firm.