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Cost of accommodation in Lviv. Where to stay.

Choose where you want to live:

    A lot of tourists who are going to visit Lviv are worried about the question where they can stay. As here there are a lot of things to see and a lot of places to enrich yourself spiritually that are numerous ancient streets, houses, museums, parks, theatres, clubs, cafes after visiting which it will be pleasant for you to have a rest in cozy and quite atmosphere. Cost of accommodation in Lviv depends on the level of the hotel you prefer. Here you can find expensive hotels with special interior, style and polite staff, cheap hotel rooms with or without facilities and hostels that usually are attended by youth and big companies of travelers.

   The most expensive hotels in Lviv are Vintage Boutique Hotel and Grand Hotel as their rooms are equipped with all necessary things that are TV, internet, refrigerator, private bathroom and comfortable beds – everything for comfortable rest. Such hostels as Art Hostel, Central Square Hostel, Old City Hostel will perfectly serve as cheaper variants for living in Lviv. You can see that there are a lot of variants where you can stay you just have to decide the place and sum you are ready to spend.

   You will remember Lviv for a long time due to its ancient history, wonderful architecture and friendly locals and good living conditions will enhance pleasant memories. That is why you should think where to stay in Lviv beforehand in order to avoid things that can spoil your wonderful rest.