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Winter events in Lviv. December, January, February. Calendar of 2019

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   Lviv is one of the most popular tourist places in our country, therefore there are many visitors in the city during the whole year. And even in winter a lot of people wish to visit the tourist capital. This is clear, because winter calendar of events in Lviv is probably the most saturated: holidays, festivals and different performances almost continuously alternate each other. It is difficult to distinguish the main winter events in Lviv among such a variety, some people want to attend an international festival “Jazz bez”, the others - city holidays.

   In order not to miss the most interesting tourist events, use the calendar of events, which is created for tourists and guests of Lviv, available on the website of company Bee Travel. This journal will allow to get to know about all city and tourist events, and also about excursions, which are offered by the tourist company every day.

  Certainly, Christmas and New Year celebrations for December are the most important in the calendar of events in Lviv. And number of events in December 2019 will by no means be less for than last year. Surely, new entertainments will be added to traditional Christmas shops, fairs and performances. The calendar of events for December2018 inLviv will not do without actions “Lviv at half price” and others, so popular among townspeople and tourists. If you intend to visit Lviv before the next New Year, the poster for December 2019 will help you make up a trip program.

  Tourists, who go to the ancient city on New Year holidays, could easy get confused without the calendar of events for January in Lviv. Certainly, among a great number of events in January 2019 inLviv it is necessary to point out a widely known Pampukh Holiday and different exhibitions and sales (for example, “Christmas Fairy Tail”). Being the festival capital of the country, in the poster for January 2019 Lviv presented a number of festivals: “Flash of a Christmas Star”, “Ethno- and Disco Sit-Round Gathering” and etc. For religious guests of the city the Feast of Epiphany was the most important in the calendar of events for January 2019.

  The calendar for February is not less eventful than the previous winter months. Among all events in Lviv in February 2019 sweet-teeth and gourmets, certainly, distinguished traditional Chocolate holiday and Shrovetide. Romantic beloved are going to Lviv at this time, because there is St. Valentine’s Day in the poster for February 2019. And finishing all New Year and Christmas holidays, there is the feast of Candlemas in the calendar of events for February 2019.


“Bee Travel” company events guide

  Is it possible to combine the most interesting January, 2019 events and excursion program of the tour? Surely, it is just necessary to study January - February, 2019 events guide beforehand as there already exists the list of city events. So, in order to get more impressions visit “Bee Travel” company web site and study February (January), 2019 events guide. The earlier you start planning your trip the brighter and interesting it will be as when you combine informative excursions with cheerful entertainments you get the perfect vacation.

January Lviv events guide

   December, 2019 Lviv events are dedicated to the main holidays of the year that are Christmas and New Year. Pre-New Year time in Lviv is known due to Christmas exhibitions and concerts, New Year Show opening and Christmas shopky. December, 2019 events guide helps you planning your trip and make it bright and eventful. If you are going to visit Lemberg in January during winter child’s holidays you can also visit one of the fests or holidays. So, January, 2019 Lviv events guide allows you select the tour you like. 

Winter events in Lviv
Winter events in Lviv

   Christmas holidays are becoming the most important winter event in Lviv year on year. If you want to visit ancient capital of Galicia in order to participate in New Year and Christmas holidays you should study December, 2019 calendar of Lviv events beforehand as this time is known about such famous exhibitions like “Mystetskyi vertep” and “Rizdviana kazka” and a lot of people want to combine excursion programs with cheerful New Year entertainments. December calendar of events helps you develop the program of your vacation and get a lot of bright impressions in a short time. So, if you are going to visit ancient Lemberg in winter study the calendar of Lviv events on “Bee Travel” web site.