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Where to rest and walk in Lviv?

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   Khmelnytskiy and Stryiskiy parks, Lychakiv park andHighCastle, “Zalizna voda” and “Znesinnya” park. It is not important to ask where to go for a walk in Lviv with such a great number of places for resting. Parks of Lviv are beautiful in any season: they are well-groomed, with wonderful and stylish landscaping, they attract by their refinement and ponds purity. It’s a point of honor for city guests to attend at least one of these parks and tourists usually chooseHighCastle, the observation platform of which shows Lviv in full view orLychakivCemetery, which is a memorial complex. Thinking about where to have a rest in Lviv you can book local trains and go round medieval castles - architectural monuments highly popular among tourists, which have preserved their original appearance very well and became museums.  

   On the Bee Travel tourist agency’s website you can learn the best places for resting in Lviv and places where to have supper among funny friends or together with a having-children family. You will be advised either youth places with modern music and European cuisine or the best classical city restaurants, which cuisine is famous beyond the boundaries of Lviv and where it is not dangerous to bring children to have a meal. When booking the tour around Lviv for the period of city festivals and holidays, Bee Travel tourist agency will recommend what you places it is worth visiting in Lviv during beer festival or on Coffee Day, during chocolate or wine and cheese festival.

Where to walk in Lviv

   The best coffee houses and knaipas of the city are glad to take in guests on days of festivals and offer dishes corresponding to themes of celebrations. You will even have a chance to attend the real museum of salo (bacon), although this festival is not included in the range of city events. It’s a perfect chance to have a good time for true judges of the national product! Different kinds of bacon, salted and smoked, with beer and vodka, larded and spiced, boiled and stewed and even bacon in chocolate – in the museum of salo you will come across an incredible range of favorite Ukrainian food product. In Lviv every tourist will find a place and an entertainment worth of his or her ardours. Everyone will find the rest after one’s own heart: some prefer walking around museums, others – making a trip throughout dungeons of Lviv, some people come to Lviv exceptionally for trips around the medieval castles or to taste real beer or chocolate. So, it is up to you to decide where to go in Lviv, but the old-age capital of Galicia allows to find favorite places of rest, entertainment and the most interesting excursions even for the most fastidious tourists.