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Tourists in Lviv

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Where to stop and stay over in Lviv?

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   Considering modern level of tourist infrastructure development in the tourist Mecca of Ukraine, the question ”Tell me, where to stay in Lvivseems to be not actual. After all, tourists are offered such a great variety of different categories of hotels, private apartments, hostels in the capital ofWestern Ukrainethat only the most slow-witted tourist can find a shelter. As a rule, Bee Travel tourist agency accepts orders for booking tours to Lviv and simalteniously reserves lodging for tourists. Visitors of the ancient capital ofGaliciaare offered to choose several variants of hotels to stay over. They may have more or less category in “stars” and be situated in the center or in the suburb of the city.

  Depending on tourists’ goals both variants may be rather convenient. Hotels in the center are situated close to many popular monuments, but hotels in the suburbs, as a rule, are cheap and may be recommended to those, who would like to stay only for several nights. Besides hotels it is possible to book a private flat in Lviv. It is convenient to rent a two- and three-room apartment for three, four or six persons per day, because it is much cheaper. Thus, you get the highest comfort and all conveniences.

Where to stop at in Lviv

   If you have previously had a rest in the ancient capital of Galicia and have an experience of stopping at private apartments, you are asked to recommend your friends where to stop at in Lviv or leave a post on the travelers’ forum. Such recommendations can be very useful for those, who are going to make the first trip to Lviv. But Bee Travel’s employees can recommend where to stay over in Lviv with the same success. Firstly, staff of the travel agency consists of the locals, who are well aware of all places to stop at; secondly, the agency keeps close terms with its partners – a network of hotels and hostels. Besides, our managers know exactly where it is better to stop at for having-children families, groups of young people or romantic couples. And certainly you will be recommended where to stay over in Lviv, if you have come only for a night. Many people use their weekends to go to Lviv and see as much interesting places as possible during the weekend. Therefore if you are going to attend ancient Lemberg, feel free to contact travel agency Bee Travel and you will get a guaranteed accommodation: comfortable and at reasonable price.