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Where to eat in Lviv? Where it is better to have a meal…

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   The question of any gourmet about where to have a meal in Lviv needs a detailed answer. However in Lviv, in this recognized tourist capital ofWestern Ukraine, there are so many good restaurants, cafes, bistros, knaipas, bakeries and sweet shops that visitors can not take a decision what places to attend without help of natives – employees of Bee Travel. If you do not know where to have a good and inexpensive meal in Lviv, you can look through opinions of tourists, who have already been to Lemberg and who have already made their points of view about local catering enterprises. Certainly, those who look for places to have dinner in Lviv of dishes of national cuisine, they are recommended to visit restaurants “Seven Pigs”, “Gasova Lyampa” or well-known “Kryivka”.

   Excellent European cuisine is offered in the restaurant “Kupol” in Lviv, where it is possible to enjoy eating. Here meals are tasty, service is exclusive and this pleasure is not expensive. Where can coffee fans and sweet teeth eat in Lviv? There are more than enough places of such kind. It is the whole store chain of coffee houses well-known for their desserts and unbelievable design of places, original service and original servicing. Confectionary–restaurants “Veronica”, “Kentavr”, “Dim Legend” and “Vienna coffee house” are Lviv institutions popular among all tourists and sweet-teeth. If you look for places to have breakfast in Lviv, drop in “Medelin”, in a coffee house “Mapa” or in “Strudel House“, which start working early, are situated in the center of the city and where very tasty and fresh baked goods and coffee are always available.

Where to have a meal in Lviv

   It is for you to decide where to have dinner in Lviv, because for some people dinner is not just an eating occasion, but a ceremony with appropriate entourage. It is not difficult to find a fashionable and expensive restaurant in Lviv. Those, who save their time and money and look for the place, where fast servicing is of high priority, can be recommended a network of Lviv pizzerias and fast-foods. If you are not intended to look for tourists’ requests where it is possible to eat better in Lviv, contact with travel agency Bee Travel and ask its employees in which establishment of Lviv it is safe to eat for the whole family, not worrying about health of your child and of your own. For sure you will get precious recommendations and pieces of advice, using which you won’t feel any digestion problems and on the contrary will get a lot of pleasant impression from the café or restaurant. Prices for meals in Lviv vary significantly and their range is explained with popularity of the establishment, its level and location. So, it is up to choose, fortunately, Lviv public catering establishments permit to do it. If you liked particular knaipa or confectionary, recommend those, who are just planning their visit to ex-capital of Galicia, where it is possible to have a meal in Lviv with great pleasure.