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Tourists in Lviv

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Where to buy souvenirs and presents in Lviv? For folks…

   Moreover, each country, city offers traditional souvenirs to its visitors such as magnets with city pictures, cards with popular monuments, badges and pendents with the name of the city in different languages and so on. There are traditional souvenirs and accessories, which are brought as a gift for friends. But Lviv is a special city and this tourist Mecca of Ukraine offers to buy special souvenirs for all relatives. First, sweet presents from Lviv can become perfect gifts such as: chocolate desserts, black and white chocolate bars or “heads”, various chocolate figures or accessories. Where to buy such souvenirs? Certainly, you can buy them in the most popular Chocolate Workshop, known all over the country and outside it, where masters make incredibly delicious coffee.

   Apart from sweet presents they bring souvenirs from Lviv made by national masters of Western Ukraine such as: vyshyvanki, rushnyki (towels), napkins, clothes, manually embroidered pictures, which can be courageously designated as real works of art. Ethnic souvenirs and presents best of all fit in the list of accessories, which are traditionally brought from any Lviv trip. When choosing where to buy souvenirs in Lviv, you are recommended to prefer specialized shops, also exhibitions and sales, which are held within festivals of folk activity. What you can find here? Shirts and dresses embroidered by national ornaments, aprons and blouses, desktop clothes and huge rushnyki, wedding rushnyki and covers on a bed.

Where to buy souvenirs in Lviv

   Except for embroidery tourists usually bring wood and wicker goods from Lviv. Wicker elegant breadbins and bonbon dishes, glasses and glass-holders, baskets and lugs, wicker wall cache-pots and vases can be bought in Lviv as souvenirs and presents for friends. Wooden goods made by Lviv craftsmen are especially exquisite, picturesque and contain a small part of craftsmen’s energy. At the exhibition and sale woodcarvers offer their best works for tourists and city guests: from little wooden souvenirs to much larger ones: chairs, coat racks, stands, benches etc. If you know where to buy wooden souvenirs in Lviv for your friends, you will save some time for travelling throughout the city. If you need advice about choice of a souvenir in Lviv, you can ask employees of travel agency Bee Travel for advice, because they as native citizens know exactly what is worth buying as a remarkable gift about a wonderful trip.