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Where to buy coffee in Lviv? Where to get Lviv chocolate?


   What is Lviv famous for? Everyone, who has been to this wonderful city before, will answer that the ancient capital ofGaliciais famous for its monuments of history and architecture, a great quantity of monuments, beautiful parks and plenty of museums, festivals, which are held in Lviv during the whole year. But Lviv is also famous for gourmets all over the world as Ukrainian capital of coffee and chocolate. There are legends about the taste of Lviv coffee, many ways of its making are known to guests and when coming back from Lviv tour all bring excellent natural Lviv coffee for friends as a gift. The question where to buy Lviv coffee disturbs those, who are just planning their travel to Lviv, and pilgrims - gourmets look for answers in tourists’ forums. There! Such a large variety of small and cozy coffee houses you will not see in any other city: Tsukrarka andViennarolls,Viennacoffee house and Shtuka, Svit Kavy and Solodka Skrynia…  

   There is a light dizziness from a great variety of tastes, a wide range of names, many ways of making coffee; nevertheless, you are not master of your time and it is necessary to decide what coffee house to choose. If you are about to trust the city folk, it is best of all to learn from Bee Travel company’s employees where to buy coffee in Lviv, because they are best of all aware of advantages and hidden disadvantages of each Lviv coffee house. You can also find out where to buy chocolate in Lviv that is well-known as the best “handmade” chocolate produced in the Chocolate Workshop according to the ancient recipes. 

Where to buy coffee in Lviv

   A wonderful dessert, black, white and milk chocolate with nuts and without them, different derived chocolate products, hot chocolate and baked products with chocolate – sweet teeth have a lot of opportunities in Lviv! Chocolate presents from famous city of Lviv are the best, because all or almost all people are fond of chocolate sweets. Tender chocolate from Lviv with a cup of aromatic Lviv coffee – this is the symbol of ancient Lemberg and if you are on your way to ex-capital of Galicia, you must visit at least several coffee houses. Lviv chocolate products from chocolate makers – this is the highest point of cuisine and believe that after several evenings in a cozy chocolate café, enjoyment of coffee with a chocolate dessert you will never be able to forget your visit to Lviv. Many people wonder where to get Lviv chocolate in other Ukrainian cities, but we want to gladden sweet teeth that the Chocolate Workshop has is subsidiaries in Kyiv and Zhytomyr, Uzhgorod and Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk and Odesa, Mariupol and Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnitsia and Kharkiv.