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Tourists in Lviv

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Tips for tourists in Lviv. Who goes to Lviv

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   If you have not been to Lviv and you have some free days, do not even hesitate to choose a city break tour in Bee Travel and get ready to leave. On the website you can find travelers and tourists’ section, which is full of useful information for visitors. Firstly, you can get to know what hotel to stay in - in the centre or in the suburb. Secondly, you can get to know the list of the best restaurants of the city, where it is safe to have dinner even for children. On Bee Travel website you can find practical tips for tourist regarding entertainment places in Lviv. Besides, a lot of useful information, visitors’ recommendations can be found on forums: they will help you not only to take your cue as to the best resting places, but also to find out estimated prices. 

  Those, who have been to Lviv before, have the right to share their impressions about their trip - and these impressions will help to make your own trip round ancient Lemberg more comfortable, successful and lucrative. Using tourists’ tips in Lviv, borrowed from travelers’ forums, it’s possible to bypass "pitfalls", and to avoid the same mistakes as your predecessors made. In any way the most objective impression from tours, habitation, entertainment and resting places may get only those, who have already been there. That’s why when going to Lviv, do not ignore recommendations of tourists, who are experienced clients of Bee Travel.

Tips for tourists in Lviv
Tips for tourists in Lviv

   Those, who are going to come to Lviv for several days or a week, will receive many useful recommendations, reasonable pieces of advice and also a chance to arrange their rest optimally. Except for responses on forums there is a lot of useful information on Bee Travel’s website, which offers not only booking and sale of various tours, but contains tips for tourists staying in Lviv how to choose time of trips according to the schedule of festivals. The beautiful city, which attracts tourists by a splendid harmony of old-age architecture and a great variety of historical monuments, rich museums and famous theaters, numerous cozy café, possibility to taste the best Lviv coffee and real high quality chocolate, to participate in one of many theme festivals – all this is enough to order the tour to Lviv from Bee Travel. In our travel agency you will get to know everything they need about Lviv and our employees will help you to select the proper tour. Apart from the trustworthy information provided by managers of the tourist company the day before the trip to ancient Lemberg, you will get recommendations from those tourists, who spent the best days in this city.