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Spring events in Lviv. March, April, May. Calendar of 2019

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   When spring comes, Lviv, having taken a short rest after New Year holidays, meets its guests with inspiration. And no one of them is disappointed by welcome. Celebrations both for tourists and visitors of the city are so diverse that they can satisfy everyone. Among the main spring events in Lviv there are “Batiar’s Day” and Easter, different festivals and holidays. In order to learn about all spring arrangements in details, use the calendar of events in Lviv, which can be found on the website of tourist agency Bee Travel.

  Looking through the calendar of events in Lviv for March, you will find many activities under a common name - Shevchenko’s Days, celebration of International Women`s Day and others. Tourists, who are going to Lviv, will certainly pay attention to “Lviv Fashion Week” in the poster for March 2019. Feminists and simply self-confident women and girls will choose “Madam`s Rally” in the calendar of events in Lviv for March 2019. This unique competition will give them a possibility to be convinced of their forces and knowledge. Whichever events in Lviv in March 2019 you are interested in, it is possible to diversify participation in them by resting at open sites of cozy Lviv coffee houses and restaurants, where tables and canapies have been already put on.

  If you decided to go to the tourist capital of the country in the middle of spring, learn the calendar of events in Lviv for April. It will be interesting to visit the ancient city when Street Dance festival “In Heart Rhythm” takes places. If you are a fan of reading and train your children to reading, you will certainly choose the festival of children's reading, the only one in Ukraine among all events in Lviv in April 2019. Tourists, who are worried about not to have attended the opening of Fashion week, because they were not able to arrive in Lviv at that time, will find out with pleasure in the poster for April 2019 that they can attend the finishing days of “Lviv Fashion Week”. The calendar of events in Lviv for April 2019 differs a little from the last year one owing to displacement of Easter celebration, but at the end of the month it will be possible to see some Easter entertainments.

  Many tourists try to spend in Lviv traditionally long days off for May holidays. And the ancient city prepares to meet and entertain thousands of visitors, that’s why the calendar for May is highly eventful. Those, who are going to Lviv at the beginning of the month, in the poster for May 2019 will be interested in ethnographic festival “Big Gaivka”, within the framework of which exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements, devoted to Easter, will be held. The holiday “Batiar’s Day” is one of the most important city events in Lviv in May 2019, which attracts many tourists. Admirers of event tourism in the calendar for May 2019 will also be glad to see different festivals (“Weathercocks of Lviv”, “Leopolis Grand Prix” and others).

  Use Bee Travel’s invitation and come in Lviv in spring, numerous tourist events this season can significantly diversify your trip.

Your spring vacation in Lviv

   How to visit the most important Lviv events in April, 2019? You should simply study May, 2019 events guide represented on “Bee Travel” company web site beforehand. Among the most bright May, 2019 Lviv events we can mention Easter Day, “Lviv Fliuhery” fest, City Day, fest of Arts, Batiar Day, fest of Musical Arts and International Child’s fest. You can select any of them and it will make you spring vacation in Lviv bright! 

Lviv for travelling

   In order to know what cultural events take place in Lviv in March, 2019 it is necessary for you to visit the web site of “Bee Travel” company. Here we offer all Lviv city events. March, 2019 event guide helps you to decide when it is better to come to Lviv in order to visit one of celebrations. Numerous fests and holidays dedicated to spring and sun make your stay in Lviv cheerful and eventful. Selecting Lviv for travelling (April, 2019 events guide) you should remember that each fest takes place only once a year.

Spring events in Lviv
Spring events in Lviv

   Women’s Day is one of the bright events that take place on March and adorn the calendar of Lviv events. Besides, citizens of Lviv celebrate the birthday of T. H. Shevchenko and Shevchenko days are among the top Lviv events. March also seizes the Fashion Week and the Fest of Easter Eggs and another main spring event in Lviv is women rally. Come to Lviv in spring and you get an opportunity to visit one of the most interesting fests and March calendar of Lviv events represented on “Bee Travel” web site helps you plan your leisure time.