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To have a rest in winter in Lviv. Winter rest for the groups


   Winter in Lviv covers monuments, churches and cathedrals with snow caps, making local architecture and landscapes unnaturally beautiful. But Lviv does not fall asleep under a warm snow blanket; it keeps waiting for festivals and theater celebrations, performances and concerts. This activation of cultural life and a large number of holidays attract thousands of people to have their winter rest in Lviv. Tourists come to Lviv in order to visit international festival “Jazz bez” and festival “Flash of Christmas Star”, Christmas fair, local Pampukh Holiday and Chocolate Holiday and others.

   In winter in Lviv as well as in any other season many interesting excursions to remarkable monuments and enchanting walks along the streets of the old city are organized. A growing number of Ukrainian and foreign tourists prefer winter rest in Lviv, because exactly in this season it is impossible to avoid tasting hot and aromatic Lviv coffee! And what about many famous coffee houses of the city, their most delicious coffee and baked foods let every guest to get warm. Therefore the winter Lion’s city has become a specific tourist brand, an unprepared trip to Lviv in winter may related to some difficulties: buying tickets, organization of delivery, residence and food, drawing up of the excursion program. To avoid dab memoirs from winter rest in Lviv its preparation shall be entrusted to professionals – tourist company Bee Travel. The company’s employees will settle all matters on organization of the unforgettable rest in the city in winter. Prices for all services provided can be learnt from managers of Bee Travel.

Winter tours to Lviv

   If you have not decided yet how to spend your winter holidays “Bee Travel” company offers you to have winter rest in Lviv. If you think that winter tours to Lviv are only excursions and visits to ancient sights you are mistaken. Winter rest in Lviv perfectly combines informative and entertainment opportunities. Winter meets tourists in Lviv with all New Year and Christmas traditions and helps to forget about cold and frost entertaining in aqua park or enjoying true Lviv coffee and best local chocolate.

Winter rest in Lviv
Winter rest in Lviv

    Do you want to get unusual, bright, extraordinary impressions from New Year and Christmas holidays? You have surely to spend winter holidays in Lviv. As you know, sometimes it is useful to change habits and to break with the traditions as not every outdoor celebration of New Year is a failure. During your winter holidays in Lviv you can see common laws in a new light and learn New Year traditions of Western Ukraine. Winter Lviv is majestic and wonderful, its snow dress makes clean streets more perfect, atmosphere of the holiday hangs thick in the air and manifests itself as New Year lights, joyful fairs, cheerful skating and gifts to all children.

Winter rest in Lviv

   New Year celebration is usually considered to be a home holiday but try to break with the tradition at least once and organize winter rest in Lviv for your relatives. Prices for Christmas and New Year tours on “Bee Travel” web-site are always pleasant as usually depend on the season and influx of tourists who travel far less in winter. That is why you can buy cheaper tour to Lviv in winter and receive tremendous impressions. During your winter rest in Lviv you can visit the most interesting events including shopka, fests of folk songs, applied arts, selling exhibitions and concerts.