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To have a rest in autumn in Lviv. Autumn rest for groups


   Lviv is beautiful in all seasons, but in autumn it looks like a precious picture decorated with golden leaves. Even autumn fogs and fallen leaves give the city an additional charm. Autumn in Lviv is a time of numerous holidays and festivals of national importance: biennale “Week of Actual Art”, festival “Days of performance art in Lviv”, International festival “Word of Dolls”, modern music festival “Contrasts”. International festival “Golden Lion” is the main event of the theater autumn in Lviv, which starts from a carnival parade of theaters, taking part in it. Theatergoers visit the cultural capital of the country the year round, but are anxious to rest in Lviv in autumn, because exactly at this time the famous Lviv Opera Theater holds International opera art festival.

   Passionate fans of exquisite Lviv coffee also want to have a rest in autumn in order to visit the most symbolic local event – Coffee Holiday. In autumn admirers of ancient music festival “Jubilee”, international festival “Lviv Tattoo Fest” and festival of fluorescent art “Lviv Lumines” arrive. Fans of cars come to Lviv in autumn with pleasure in order to visit international festival of retro cars “Leopolis Historical Rally” and gourmets – not to miss the main gastronomic autumn holiday of cheese and wine. It is necessary to remember that for those, who would like to travel to Lviv this season and have reserved everything in advance, prices for carriage, residence and excursions will be much lower. If you want to have an excellent autumn rest in Lviv, entrust its organization to Bee Travel company, which employees know how to create wonders of the best tourist trips.

To have rest in Lviv in autumn

   Do you want to have cheerful and interesting autumn rest in Lviv? Visit “Bee Travel” web-site and book the best tours with best conditions for the autumn rest in Lviv. If you plan your trip beforehand and book the most interesting and cheerful events on “Bee Travel” web-site you will remember informative excursions, trips around night Lviv, journeys to ancient castles, fests and exhibitions. Children’s tours or romantic trips, corporate journeys and individual autumn excursions are already available on “Bee Travel” web-site.

To have autumn rest in Lviv
To have autumn rest in Lviv

   Lviv is very beautiful in autumn. Golden domes of abbeys and churches are very bright in the blue sky, trees in the parks wear colorful leaves, fresh and clear air seems to be unreal. Most autumn photo sessions made in Lviv are very successful and beautiful photos make people book tours to the ancient capital of Galicia on “Bee Travel” web-site. Even if you have already visited ancient Lemberg try to go to Lviv in autumn and you will understand how interesting it can be in the city before the beginning of long winter.

Autumn trips to Lviv
Autumn trips to Lviv

   Any autumn month is perfect for having rest in Lviv. September gives you summer warm days, in October you can see the city covered with golden leaves and November gives an opportunity to spend first cheerful holidays of the school year. During your autumn rest in Lviv you can visit exciting fests which timetable you can find on “Bee travel” web-site. Besides, “Bee Travel” company provides information about the prices for the autumn rest in Lviv and gives an opportunity to make a beforehand reservation of one of the tours.