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Tourists in Lviv

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Rating of Lviv tour operators. 3 best of them are

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   Nowadays it has become fashionable to estimate work of an enterprise, a company, a firm and of an independent entrepreneur against its reputation. Tour operators are also classified by number of clients per year, by term of “life” and work on the market, by number of official awards and regalia and, certainly, how often and in which context tourists, who have previously been its clients, mention particular travel agency. 

  From this point of view Bee Travel can take a pride: its clients do not stint their praise of the reliable company and the travel agency belongs to five best Lviv tour operators. Any search engine shows Bee Travel among the most reliable tourist companies in Lviv on the first pages of search. Tourists’ responses prove that honesty and politeness of the company’s managers – this is style of work and trademark of the agency. In rating of the best operators Bee Travel takes the third honorable place, but for sure this achievement isn’t constant and depends on an organizer and method of ranking. 

  Such as there were, official awards – diplomas, appreciations and certificates – are a serious criterion for the company, which has a reliable reputation, develops quickly, gathers pace and keeps its leading positions not for the first year. Direct contact, daily work, dignity as to its clients and partners have made Bee Travel a respectful tourist company, well-known not only in Lviv, but also outside the country. Work with foreign tourists also lies within the travel agency’s sphere and this is a large additional advantage. Rating of Lviv tour operators is rather unsteady. So, to make an independent conclusion as to further cooperation with Bee Travel it is necessary to use its services at least once.