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Tourists in Lviv

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Night theatrized excursions in Lviv. Walking and bus excursions

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   Every subsequent visit of Lviv does not prevent toursists to go sightseeing it as special and not less interesting, than it was for the first time. If you think that you know this ancient city like the palm of your hand, you should try a night tour round Lviv. You will make sure that everything you have seen before will undergo transformation and show itself in different light. For example, night panorama of Lviv, which opens from an observation site of High Castle, sinks deep in the tourists' minds.

   Tourism is one of preferential directions of the city developmental strategy, that’s why a number of interesting projects are being realized, making Lviv free for all the world day and night. For popularization of the native city its chief authorities conduct an action "Night in Lviv", during which outings, stage plays, fire shows, literary soirees and other performances take place in more than 30 institutions.  

   Tourist company “Bee Travel” offers you to take part in extremely interesting excoursions in the dark. If you prefer night walking tours, you may walk around the historical center of the city, descend into its basements. The night tour in Lviv dungeons and across Lychakiv Cementry will be interesting for those, who admire walking at dusk, where they will listen to different narrations. Also it is possible to make night bus tours by "Chudo bus" or to travel by “Chudo train”.  Only a few people know that it is possible to rise to the Lviv City Hall at night. Tourists will see city council head’s cabinet, descend into the City Hall dungeons and rise to its roof. The most emotional and romantic advanturers choose night theater excurcions under candelight, tango-parties, artistic performances in museums. If you have never made night tours round Lviv before, “Bee Travel” agency will gladly organize this unforgettable adventure for you.

Night excursion to the caves of Lviv

   Invite your beloved to take an unusual tour to Lviv and you will have an opportunity to take night theatrized excursions at candlelight. Your soulmate will certainly like that romantic and mysterious atmosphere and forever remember trip that includes night excursion to the caves of Lviv, bus or walking journeys around Lviv under the moon as the most unusual adventures of the life. Glimmering lights, coffee flavor, blaze of lights and romantics of night Lviv are available if ordering tour on “Bee Travel” web site.

Night excursions in Lviv

    What a majestic and beautiful night panorama Lviv has! Lots of lights cover the footing of the Lviv High Castle and make people hold the breath of admiration and think about the mysterious past and present and that is the power and majesty of night Lviv. Night excursions around Lviv are for those who are looking for new impressions, who have already tried all peculiarities of tourism and want to seek an insight into the heart of ancient city. Sightseeing excursions under the moon or Night at Lviv Museums give an opportunity to see the previous capital of Galicia in a new moon light. You are welcome, as Lviv is open for the world in day and at night.

Night tour around Lviv

   Do you know that night tour around Lviv leaves more impressions from the city than a day one? Have you heard that mysteries and secrets of night streets allow you to feel a true spirit of the city? Night walking excursions around Lviv give an opportunity to see the squares and parks in the neon light, bright illumination of the central square and warm lights of ancient streets. You will have a chance to take beautiful photos as night exposure is more spectacular than daily and at good quality your night photos will give a head start to any daily photo. Besides, you can also book nigh bus excursions on “Bee Travel” web-site and receive unusual and bright impressions.