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Rest in Lviv on New Year. New Year tours to Lviv

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   Tourists from 10 countries of the world and all corners ofUkraineorganize rest for New Year holidays in Lviv, where New Year and Christmas celebrations last for more than a month (from the middle of December until the end of January). Every year 160 – 200 thousand of travelers make New Year tours to Lviv to immerse in the atmosphere of wonders and an unforgettable winter tale. New Year in Lviv is the brightest period of the old city’s life, when one comes across national traditions, customs and handicrafts on every corner.

  The New Year tour to Lviv can be started from the beginning of Christmas fair, during which its official opening (8th of December), master classes on the occasion of St. Nicholas’ Day, Andriivski festive evenings, St. Nicholas’ Day, Lviv Koliada, nativity scenes (vertep) Malanka’s Holiday (13th of December) take place. Rest in Lviv – this a symposium of ice sculpture, festival of national Ukrainian cuisine, common ceremony of Epiphany carried out by priests of different confessions together and other fascinating celebrations. If you want to join this variety of positive emotions and bright impressions, you should book New Year tours to Lviv in Bee Travel in advance. The company’s employees will take care of all preparations and maintenance of your unforgettable travel in the world of New Year fairy tale of ancient Lviv.

Rest in Lviv on NewYear holidays

   Winter children holidays or Christmas vacations for adults can be spent in such a way that you will forever remember several days of New Year tour! Trust the organization of your New Year rest in Lviv to the staff of “Bee Travel” company and you will discover how many interesting things you can learn in several days, how many wonderful exhibitions and fairs you can visit and what beautiful pictures of New Year Lviv you can bring to your friends! Comfortable accommodation, interesting excursions, best restaurants, trips to the countryside, transfer and the most popular cafes are available for you with “Bee Travel” company during all New Year holidays.

New Year tour to Lviv

   Travel agency “Bee Travel” advises everyone who has not visited Lviv yet to start learning the city having bought New Year tour to Lviv. At this time capital of ancient Galicia turns into a great New Year fairy tale. You can easily buy individual and corporate New Year tours to Lviv or you can book romantic trip for two persons as confession of love and offer of marriage cannot be denied to the Christmasknoll of best Lviv abbeys! 

New Year rest in Lviv

   Why so many people come to Lviv on New Year holidays? Because something incredible happens in the city! Every street and every square turn into the theatre stages, central New Year tree wears bright lights and street lamps are decorated with New Year illuminations. Exhibitions, fairs, concerts, fests and competitions take place during New Year holidays and you will certainly remember New Year in Lviv if you spend at least several days in ancient Lemberg at the end of December or at the beginning of January.