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What you must attend in Lviv. What it is worth…

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   Each tourist, who arrives to Lviv, makes his own list of places to visit. Developing tour programs managers of Bee Travel tourist agency pay attention to the most popular places of Lviv and include them into the programs. Thus, if you have not decided which places to visit in Lviv yet, an approximate list of prominent memorials and important architectural and historical monuments will help you to find your way among a big variety of different remarkable places. First of all, certainly, you need to go up to the City Hall, from height of which you will see the ancient center in full view and admire a beautiful panorama of the city central park. By the way, it will be interesting to know for visitors of the city that at the observation platform they may make wishes.

   They are said to come true. An obligatory route for groups and companies in Lviv is a walk round High Castle and a rise on High Castle Hill. Wonderful landscapes of Lviv are seen from here and it is possible to take the best pictures of ancient Lemberg from the observation platform of the High Castle Hill. One more place, which is worth to be visited in Lviv, is St. George’s Cathedral. This is an example of medieval architecture, its harmony and strict forms inspire affection and tranquility. There are also cozy, beautiful and lovely small courts in Lviv, which remind about slowness of medieval life: Italian, Bernardine and “Armenian”.

Must be attended in Lviv

    Guests of Lviv must attend famous coffee houses and cafes of the city: “Vienna”, “Veronika”, “Galka”, “Shtuka”, “Svit Kavy”, “Mapa”, “Golden Dukat”, “Confectionary”. Certainly, it is impossible to attend all Lviv cafes during the weekend, but if you know where it is worth going in Lviv first of all, it will be easier for you to make up a plan of the trip. And for sure you must not forget about popular Lviv festivals! Try to date your trip to Lviv for one of them and themes of holidays are available on the website of travel agency Bee Travel. The Drugstore-Museum and the Museum of archeology are worth visiting. They are extremely interesting and their exhibits will rouse interest of any tourist. Altogether there are over 40 museums in Lviv and you can’t attend all of them, but have to choose several ones to go to! When making a list of places where it is worth going in Lviv, don’t forget to include local breweries into it, because taste of Lviv beer has long ago been well-known outside the country and contemporaries brewing masters carefully preserve traditions of their predecessors and brew extremely delicious alcoholic drink.