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Individual and group walking tours. walking around Lviv

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    Walking excursions are the most popular kind of tourism, because it does not need large money expenses and allows examining the place you have chosen in detail. For example, fascinating mobile walking tours around Lviv permit to sightsee not only historical center of the city, but its outskirts, thoroughly look over unique monuments and memorials from every quarter. Excursions around Lviv on foot – is an excellent opportunity to take photos of interest your favorite tourist attractions, feel real poetic atmosphere of the old city. This is the most popular method to get to know Lviv inside out, besides, not only its churches, cathedrals and palaces, but also charming yards and parks.

   If you want to make the walking tour around Lviv, feel free to contact tourist company “Bee Travel”, which specializes in organization of individual and group walking tours. A Russian-, Ukrainian-, English- or Polish-speaking qualified guide will accompany any such an excursion with thrilling narrations. Having chosen individual walking tours, you will not only enjoy beauty and originality of wonderful Lviv, but attend a lot of ancient objects. To combine all advantages of different kinds of tours in the single one “Bee Travel” organizes bus and walking tours around Lviv. Those, who like walking at dusk, are offered to take part in night walking tours.

   “Bee Travel” company’s employees are sure that regularly organized short-term excursions are better than long-term and tiresome ones, that’s why every Saturday and Sunday you are invited to take part in walking tours around Lviv. Such excursions allow to study history and architecture of the city little by little, to get to know all local legends and to attend most of famous city celebrations and festivals. Those, who have ordered the tour to Lviv in advance, may participate in joint walking tours, during which tourists unite to the already formed groups.

Walking sightseeing tours around Lviv

   How do you think what is the most popular way to observe Lviv is offered on “Bee Travel” web-site? Surely, it is a walking sightseeing tour that allows to spy into the heart of the city or bus excursion that let you see a lot of interesting things in a short time. Individual walking excursions are the most informative, interesting and bright tours during which “Bee Travel” guide tells you about his native city in such a way that it is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Walking excursions around Lviv
Walking excursions around Lviv

   If you cannot afford full weekly vacation to the ancient Lemberg don’t deny the opportunity to participate in combined walking excursion around Lviv. Such walking excursions around Lviv allow knowing more about the history of the city and falling in love with it as if the excursion is held by “Bee Travel” worker you certainly see beautiful Lemberg in his own eyes. Delay by winter your strong desire to spend days off under warm plaid in front of TV. Visit “Bee Travel” web-site, select one day transport walking excursions around Lviv and enjoy learning the mysterious city while long summer days and green parks beckon by their cool shadows.

Walking tour around Lviv

   True tourists prefer walking tours. You can get to the city using any kind of transport but it is important to learn the city deliberately walking along beautiful parks and streets, getting to the Lviv High Castle and visiting best cafes for a cup of coffee. Walking tour around Lviv let you feel the soul of the city and night walking trips show you another mysterious, secret Lviv in the light of moon, illuminations, bright shop windows and advertising lights.