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Tourists in Lviv

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Lviv tour operator of social function

   You may prefer the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, theAlpsto the Carpathians, but it is impossible not to visit Lviv at least once in your life. Ancient architecture and ultra-modern buildings, historical monuments and beautiful landscapes have made the Lion’s city one of the most charming corners of the world. Many foreign tourists and our fellow countrymen come to Lviv to take part in tours, to get to know a long history and culture of the city.


For you to remember rest in Lviv as the best moment of your life, not to miss its main prominent monuments and beauty, you should better entrust arrangement of this trip for a tour operator from Lviv. Certainly, the city dwellers best of all know the most attractive places, the coziest cafes, the best hotels of their favorite city. Bee Travel is one of such tour operators. Professional employees of the company will not only propose you the best tours around Lviv, but conduct excursions in several languages. If you choose this tour operator, you will be able to see sights of Lviv and its suburbs during walking and bus tours accompanied by licensed guides. But after tiresome excursions you need to have a full-fledged rest that will let to continue an acquaintance with the city prominent places the next day. Bee Travel is a reliable travel agency, receiving its guests in Lviv. Having ordered its services, be sure that organization of your meeting in Lviv, residence in hotels and hostels and nutrition will be beyond all compliments.

   Numerous tour operators of Lviv are ready to receive thousands of tourists at any moment; each of them is highly professional and experienced in this business. But if you arrive in Lviv for the first time, want to see as much as possible and to get the largest pleasure from the trip, try services on the independent tour operator Bee Travel.

Excursions round Lviv for tourists
Excursions round Lviv for tourists

   Which excursions should be better ordered, if you are going to come to ancient Lemberg for the first time? Certainly, an acquaintance with the city starts from a sightseeing excursion, during which you can see the most interesting sights of the city, enjoy its architecture, to attend the observation platform of the High Castle, to take a walk through Lychakiv Cemetery, which form a single ensemble of monuments and memorials. Bee Travel company, which has been successfully working in tourist business over 5 years, organizes tours around Lviv. You must visit the best coffee houses and the Chocolate Workshop during the tour around Lviv, because excursions are good, but they do not let to see everything interesting in Lviv!

Lviv tour operator

   Lviv tour operator offers an exclusive rest in Lviv. For those, who appreciate high level of comfort, prefer to rest to a high standard, exclusive tours to the city are offered. In Lviv the tour operator will reserve for VIP clients the best rooms in a 5-star hotel, order tables in the best restaurants, organize rental of a business-class car, and offer the most extraordinary entertainments. Ordering organization of rest of VIP class in Lviv from the tour operator, you may rely on really high-class service and rendering of exclusive services.

Tour operator receiving tourists in Lviv
Tour operator receiving tourists in Lviv

   A travel to Lviv of having-children families or groups of friends, under an individual tour or together with the beloved one can be unforgettable. Lviv tour operators will draw up any program of staying in Lviv, which may include excursions you are especially interested in. Besides, the tour operator receiving tourists in Lviv can reserve a hotel suitable for you in advance. Furthermore, Lviv tour operator can arrange a rent of any kind of transport – a bus or a car – to make your visit to Lviv more comfortable.