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Tourists in Lviv

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Lviv streets. Map of Lviv streets

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 улицы Львова

 улицы Львова

 улицы Львова



   Could there exist anything more romantic and inspiring than Lviv streets? Life of beautiful and wonderful Lviv city lasts on these streets. Streets of the central part of Lviv breathe elegant and creative atmosphere that has been prevailed here many centuries ago. Houses in Lviv are an interesting peculiarity that makes almost all central streets different. Lviv has been built over centuries that is why buildings here absolutely different as they represent different epoches and cultures that left an impact on external view of Lviv streets. Houses of these streets are painted different colors are of different height and have different settings of facades. However, each house that adorns Lviv streets is considered to be the architecture and even the masterpiece of the creativity of Lviv architectors of different times.

   Walking for a few hours around the center of the city you will assure youself that Lviv streets contain not only ancient history that is published in books and articles but also a lot of mysteries that are difficult for solution. Probably you will become one of those lucky who will understand one of Lviv ancient mysteries if not, all in all you will get great pleasure walking along legendary streets of famous city. Indeed, you’d been to Lviv streets which were visited by outstanding personalities who contributed to the creation of today Lviv.