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   Мы независимый туроператор "Би Тревел". Наш коллектив - лицензированные экскурсоводы и гиды-переводчики, которые специализируются на проведении пеших, автотранспортных экскурсий по Львову и его окрестностям.

Tourists in Lviv

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Bus station in Lviv

Central bus station
Address: 109 Stryiska str.
Phone number: (0322) 94-98-17

Bus station No. 2
Address:225 B. Khmelnytskoho str.
Phone number:  (0322) 52-04-89

Bus station No. 3
Address: Lviv, 11a Petliury str.
Phone number:(032) 2922332

Bus station No. 5
Address:79034, Lviv, 2 Luhanska str.
Phone number: (032) 2702785

Bus station No. 8,
Central railway station
1 Dvirtseva sq., (railway station)
Phone number (0322) 38-83-08

 On the arrival to Lviv railway station you will have an opportunity to see and to feel that Lviv is a real Mecca for tourists. Foe example, Lviv railway station receives thousands of tourists every day. The majority of visitors arrive to the railway station as this kind of transport is still the most convenient and cheapest travel mode. At the railway station you can find running times and maps that represent the broad picture of transportation to Lviv and from Lviv. Lviv railway stations receive tourists on different CIS and Europe directions. Almost every minute trains come on Lviv railway station and bring surprised and happy guests to Lviv. At that moment it is impossible to ignore that enthusiasm that people who come to visit Lviv have. You can also notice a strong desire of guests to visit Lviv, to see its architectures and incredible buildings. The first building that attracts tourists’ attention is Lviv railway station. Nowadays it is a historical architecture with advertisement and timetable on plasma panels which remind the spirit of modern time. Lviv protects and maintains railway station as one of the most important relics that is why you will probably have a desire to stay here for some time and enjoy the beauty and greatness of such an ancient building.