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Lviv sights

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Tourists who have visited Lviv for the first time are impressed by the greatness and beauty of its architectures. Numerous pictures of Lviv architectures that you can find in the internet are very nice but it is impossible to describe the feelings you will receive observing them while travelling to Lviv. Map of monuments is usually represented as signs and marks that will lead you to the most significant objects of cultural and historical heritage of Lviv. However, map can not contain all important and interesting places in Lviv that you obviously have to visit in order to get at least general imagination about the city.

Bright and unique pictures of Lviv architectures can prove that here you will find a lot of things to watch. Pictures serve as signs that show us the way you shall go in Lviv in order to see the most interesting things, get more bright impressions and turn your trip into bright and unforgettable memory. Regardless of how many pictures of Lviv monuments you have seen on different portals and web-pages about Lviv you will make your own pictures while visiting the most important architectures in order to remember that wonderful atmosphere of your trip to Lviv. Map will become a very convenient tool to search the architectures and you will find the most significant places in Lviv or create the optimal route that will help you to find the way between them. 

All prominent monuments of Lviv

   What a pity? You have never been to Lviv? In this case, all remarkable city monuments will be more interesting and every acquaintance with a monument of architecture or art you will regard as a small discovery. Lviv is the largest tourist center and every street and every house has their own history. Well preserved castles of Lviv region, its dark dungeons, cathedrals, parks, all prominent places of the city are heritage of our country  and are protected by law. You as tourist and guest of the city will have access to all prominent monuments of Lviv, if you visit this wonderful and ancient city. 

Monuments of Lviv
Monuments of Lviv

    Monuments of Lviv are monuments and cathedrals, churches and palaces, fortresses and towers. The old city keeps memory of the previous centuries and even if you just walk on pavement of narrow streets, you will feel spirit of the city itself, which history goes deep in the past. For a tourist, who comes to Lemberg for the first time, it is important not only to see as many monuments of Lviv as possible, but to listen to an interesting narration of a guide about each of them, either it is a monument of architecture or the one dedicated to a prominent person. Those who would like maximum amount of useful information about Lviv monuments, you may order individual guide’s services on Bee Travel’s website.

Prominent places of Lviv

   Lviv is well-known as the tourist Mecca of Western Ukraine not in vain, because there are plenty of historical and architectural monuments in the city and tourists usually can’t see at least the most important of them within a week. Prominent places of Lviv – are not only wonderful monuments of famous people and extraordinary architectural buildings, these are museums, parks and even cemetery. Lychakiv Cemetery is a unique complex of remarkable memorials of various epochs and styles and it is visited by tourists, who would like to show respect to memory of people buried in it and also to great architects, who created unique memorials.