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Prices in Lviv. Restaurants, excursions, souvenirs

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   It is impossible to visit Lviv without buying souvenir or useful and original thing and it is important to know if prices here are reasonable or not. Lviv is a tourist and cultural center of western Ukraine and living standards here greatly differ from the standards of big cities where everything is very expensive. Fortunately, prices in Lviv are available and sometimes even low that allows you to plan you trip budget without any problems considering your usual way of life, plans and wants. On your arrival to Lviv you can visit one of Lviv cafes or restaurants where you can get a general notion about prices in Lviv. Of course, as in any other popular city here you can find quite expensive restaurants where prices are high even for affluent people but in most cases prices in Lviv allow visitors of the city to travel cheaply, eat out, have entertainments and buy different things you will take to remember you wonderful trip to Lviv. In order you were not surprised by the prices of Lviv our agency offers you the list of recommended establishments where you can take meals, buy souvenirs and stay saveing your money.