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Tourists in Lviv

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Culture-historical monuments of Lviv

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Lviv monuments are the central point of tourist program. Lviv itself is sometimes called one big monument in the open sky. It has been built step by step during many centuries and influenced by many different historical periods and cultures. Monuments here are dedicated to famous people of Austria, Poland, here you can also find monuments of European, Russian and, of course, Ukrainian painters and poets. During your trip to Lviv you will have an excellent opportunity to visit many interesting and famous places most of which are considered to be monuments among which you will find many temples, architectures, museums, monuments and many other objects that attract general attention of locals and tourists.

All tourists who come to Lviv for the first time try to take pictures near the places they consider to be the most beautiful. Lviv monuments that are true embellishments of streets and squares are the first things that get into the lens of the tourists. Tens of thousands tourists have pictures of monuments of cultural center of Ukraine. Walking along the central part of Lviv you will obviously notice groups of tourists who gather near one of the numerous monuments in order to make a picture to remember trip to Lviv for a long time. Some Lviv monuments are wiped to shine by interesting tourists who believe the stories and traditions of the city.