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Reception in Lviv on holidays and fests. Holiday tours by Bee Travel company


   Event tourism gains popularity from year to year, that’s why travelers are interested not only in nature, history and culture of foreign countries, but in traditions of other nations. National spirit, which not less interesting than other memorabilia reveals itself exactly through holidays and customs.

    Event tours to Lviv, suggested by “Bee Travel” company, permit to see and to take part in numerous city festivities and, consequently, to get to know Lvovians much closer. A large number of holidays and festivals in Lviv show that the city-folk like and can organize entertaining, educational and cultural events.

    In winter feast tours to Lviv are ordered by those, who would like to visit Pampukh Holiday and Chocolate Festival, various festivals, Christmas and Saint Nicholas' Fairs. Event trips to Lviv in spring will be not less interesting. In this season tourists attain to attend "Lviv Fashion Week" and festivals ("Velyka Gaivka", “Weathercocks of Lviv” etc.) “Batiar’s Day” is a very interesting feast, which is enjoyed both by the locals, guests of the celebration from cities and states. Especially for International Women’s Day in Lviv “Ladies’ Rallies” – a unique competition of females, consisting of rather difficult tasks. Summer tours for feasts to Lviv are frequently ordered by family couples having children, because during favorite school holidays children’s festivals “Young Talents under the auspices of King Danilo”, “Tale in grove” and artistic festival “Summer on the Market” are held. To attend one of the most attractive local celebrations “To Drink Coffee in Lviv” the autumn feast tour must be ordered.

    During the whole year “Bee Travel” company receives requests for attending particular events both from Ukrainian and foreign travelers. They attend celebrations they are interested in and also can take part in different excursions for tourists and city guests. But remember that to visit the particular feast one should book the tour in advance.

City holiday in Lviv

    No matter the theme of Lviv city holiday it is celebrated on a large scale and with a flourish. Such well organized city events like exhibitions, concerts, fireworks, musical performances, fairs and staged shows usually attract both locals and guests. You can book trip to Lviv on any holiday or fest according to the calendar of events on “Bee Travel” web-site even today. Choose what attracts you most of all, what tour theme is after your own heart and come to visit Lviv on holidays! 

Reception in Lviv during events
Reception in Lviv during events

   Winter and summer, spring and autumn holidays in Lviv are celebrated grandiosely and elegantly. Fancy-dress parties, selling exhibitions, concerts on the city squares dedicated to the themes of holidays, performances and competitions can be organized specially to the thematic or city holiday. In a word, reception in Lviv during events impress by its organization, good taste and hospitality of the locals. If you have not visited Lviv during fests or holidays book tours and excursions according to the calendar of events on “Bee Travel” web-site. Our company always offers especially attractive tours for tourists and guests of the city. Go for it!

Holiday tours to Lviv
Holiday tours to Lviv

   Lviv is considered to be not only the biggest tourist center of Ukraine but also the city where fests and holidays take place so often that have become usual events. Theme of holidays can be changed but the only thing that remains stable is good mood you can receive having a holiday tour around Lviv. It is better to book holiday tours to Lviv beforehand and you can find program of all holidays and fests for the current year on “Bee Travel” web-site. A lot of people wish to visit holidays that are known not only in old Lemberg and that is why it is better to book holiday tours to Lviv beforehand.