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Tourists in Lviv

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Tour programs for groups in Lviv. Tours for groups


   “Bee Travel” company as well as any other tourist agency has developed a large range of programs for group tours. Most frequently group tours are much in demand among schools, higher educational institutions and companies, arranging their employees’ rest. Private persons, who have independently gathered a group of 10 or more people, may also order guided tours.

   Promoting its native city “Bee Travel” offers various group tours around Lviv. These trips let our fellow countrymen and foreign guests to get acquainted with Lviv monuments and get in touch with historical and cultural values of the ancient city. Lviv for groups – this is a wonderful opportunity to get a maximum scope of interesting information and positive emotions with minimum expenses. Tourists arrive in the cultural capital from all corners of the country, but most frequently group tours arrive from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk.

   “Bee Travel” organizes bus group tours, which allows to include journeys for sightseeing a lot of places of note of Lviv and its suburbs in the programs. And those tourists, who would like to “merge” with architectural masterpieces of the city, breathe odors Lviv and ancient structures to their hearts’ content, are offered to participate in group walking tours. Plenty of group tours intended for particular holidays, events and festivals, form a separate category. Any each of these arrangements can be a reason for local citizens’ pride for their city.

   For those, who cannot gather the group single-handed, who has not purchased the travel in advance, so called joint group excursions are an ideal way out. It permits to join the group, which has its own excursion program suitable for you.

Group tours to Lviv on holidays
Group tours to Lviv on holidays

    As we know it does not matter when you come to Lviv as you definitely find there fest, city holiday or theme event. That is why “Bee Travel” company offers group tours on holidays to all who want to participate in bright events. You can take part in beer and cheese, wine and chocolate, ethnic and classical and other holiday fests if you study the calendar of holidays on “Bee Travel” web site and book tour to Lviv on holidays.

Bus tours for groups in Lviv

   “Bee Travel” web site offers all kinds of trips including bus tours for groups. Such tours let you see main and outstanding sights of the city and its suburbs and are good for those whose time is limited. While walking group tours are for tourists who understand those who have fallen in love with Lviv long time ago only after they step the paving of ancient Lviv and walk the city many squares. “Bee Travel” company offers lonely tourists to join group excursions and travel ancient Lemberg and its suburbs. Excursion group tours organized by “Bee Travel” company are distinguished by good organization and perfect services.

Group tours to Lviv

    Do you want to visit Lviv with your friends? Order group tours to Lviv at “Bee Travel” company as beforehand reservation of a group tour provides a discount. Programs of group tours can be developed considering your desires and besides a guide we can aslo provide services of interpreter if needed. Your group can visit Lviv museums, observe the most important sights, enjoy beautiful architecture of ancient abbeys and churches. Groups are offered not only excursion walks but also visits to best and modern cafes and restaurants of the city. Booking restaurants at “Bee Travel” you get an opportunity to see a true value of the local cuisine.