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Rest in Lviv for two for weekend

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   The trip to Lviv is always a fairy tale! If you get vouchers to Lviv for two persons, then days, spent in this wonderful ancient city, you will remember for all your life. But it is difficult to find a place with more romantic atmosphere than in Lviv. Therefore young couples try to spend at least one weekend in Lviv. Having gone up to an observation platform of the City Hall or the High Castle, you will see the whole city spread out before your eyes, for this reason take care to include these places in your tour to Lviv for two persons.

   The Opera and Ballet Theatre, the museum “Arsenal”, the Museum-Drugstore, Rynok Square and many other objects deserve special attention. And after a long excursion program you can seclude in one of numerous city cafes having a romantic atmosphere and increase pleasant impressions, which Lviv brought for you. In many cafés there are separate places for pairs where you can enjoy tasty coffee and exchange thoughts about the lovely spent day. The rest in Lviv for two persons, organized by tourist agency Bee Travel, will not only bring you many positive emotions, but also will excite desire to arrive in this city again and again. You will try to arrive in Lviv at the weekend at the first chance, because this city will attract you by its antiquity and grandeur.

Lviv on days off

   Don’t you have time for a trip to Lviv that is too close? We do not believe you! Days off in Lviv can become unforgettable if you order trip to Lviv beforehand at “Bee Travel” company. You will have enough time to take the most interesting excursions, visit Lviv caves, observe nearest castles, enjoy landscapes from Lviv High Castle and spend several evenings in cozy cafes. Coming to Lviv on days off you certainly get bright impressions for the nearest year. How do you like it?

Tours to Lviv for two persons
Tours to Lviv for two persons

   Do you want to have an unforgettable rest in Lviv for two persons? Think about the beforehand order as “Bee Travel” company offers tours to Lviv for two persons, booking best hotels or cozy apartments, choice of interesting excursions. Our managers will offer to you the most popular cafes and restaurants in order your romantic evening be perfect. We can organize your trip to Lviv in such a way that you get great pleasure from informative excursions and unforgettable emotions from unusual entertainments. 

Tour to Lviv for two persons
Tour to Lviv for two persons

   “Bee Travel” company invites you to take a romantic getaway. If you want to give a present to the loved person think about being original and do not act in the same way. Let your love expression or marriage offer be unique and wonderful ancient city become the place that brings luck. Discover Lviv together as it is said that there are a lot of places here created for love expression. Let your trip become the beginning of new life and you will always remember it!