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Tourists in Lviv

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Lviv is available for tourists


Lviv is the city with rich history, culture and architecture; it has given a lot of talanted and famous people to the country. All the year Lviv is available for tourists who want to learn more about the history, traditions and culture of the ancient city. It is difficult to find more attractive city in Ukraine. Lviv offers tourists not only excursions to the numerous architectures of this wonderful city but also cozy cafes with tasty coffee and attentive staff.

Tourists who consider that it is better to observe the city with a guide are offered to rent buses with guides who tell them about ancient secrets of Lviv. However, you can observe the city yourself as there are guide tables almost at every street that make easier for the visitors to find one or another interesting object.

Every year Lviv becomes more convenient for the tourists. There apear a lot of new hotels and hostels, dining areas, cafes, museums, etc.

Sometimes it seems that Lviv is created for tourists. Ancient buildings, cozy streets, numerous fests, museums, parks, theatres and clubs attract visitors not only from Ukraine but also from different European countries. Every corner of this city holds a lot of secrets of encient times and tourist who come to this city want to discover them.