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Tourists in Lviv

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Lviv culture. Cultural life of Lviv

Lviv is by right called the tourist capital of Ukraine; the city deserved this status not only due to its historical and architectural monuments, but also due to its culture. Now culture of Lviv, which has been forming for centuries and is a mixture of material and spiritual values, is a marker of the whole Ukrainian culture. Cultural life of the city covers national traditions of Ukrainians and Poles, Armenians and Jews, Germans and Austrians, who lived in Lviv, that’s why it has an inimitable multinational nature. At present the city culture is displayed through cityfolk’s hospitability and cordiality. An attitude of tourist companies’ employees to tourists, who have visited the city, provision of high-quality servicing is a visiting card of this culture. Cultural Lviv includes a half of hundred of museums, 8 theaters, 16 galleries, numerous concert halls and clubs. Club culture of Lviv is an integral part of its entire cultural life, because currently club parties are visited by a growing number of local citizens and city guests. The annual cultural program of Lviv is so eventful that it is sufficient for several cities: Pampukh Festival, Batiar’s Day, feasts of cheese and wine, coffee and beer festivals, festival “Ethnovyr”, theater festival “Golden Lion” and others. Lviv cultural news change as fast as pictures of fragments of glass in a childish kaleidoscope. If so, it is necessary to find the well-informed about culture of Lviv. Employees of tourist company Bee Travel every day introduce the city monuments and cultural events to its guests, that’s why the most topical information about cultural and tourism news of Lviv is always available. Having appealed to the company’s managers or visited its website, you may get to know cuoltural news of Lviv you are interested in for the chosen period of time.

Lviv club culture

   Actual information about news of culture and tourism of Lviv is available on website of travel agency Bee Travel. Here you can book not only any kind of tour to Lviv, but also date it for one or several cultural events of the city. Fine Lviv club culture will catch interest of the older generation of tourists, because club directions in Lviv are represented by jazz modern, freestyle, break dance, and many other directions of dances. Lviv city culture is rich and original and attracts an increasingly growing number of the city guests, tourists use an opportunity to come to Lviv with pleasure not only for making excursions.

Lviv cultural program

   If you are interested both in history and culture, Lviv is a splendid subject for study. You can get to know all cultural news about Lviv from the poster available on Bee Travel’s website, where events of city and international scale are described, which are held in the city. Lviv cultural program is rich and interesting during the whole year, here festivals and competitions, concerts and exhibitions of different directions are held. You can learn everything about culture in Lviv on website of Bee Travel in order to plan your rest.

Cultural Lviv

   How to choose time of arrival in Lviv according to a voucher so that to attend one or better several cultural events, which are held regularly in Lviv? For this reason it is possible to get in website of Bee Travel and look through announcements of the city cultural life. From the poster of events you can get to know about the majority of events, which will take place in Lviv throughout the year, and book a tour at Bee Travel for the period of events, which attract you most of all. Cultural Lviv leads an eventful life: any month in a year is without city celebrations or the festivals of international or local scale.