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Tourists in Lviv

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Comments about Lviv from tourists

Вас може це зацікавити:

Dear tourists.

Here you can find and leave the comments about the services of “Bee Travel” company.

Please, rely on the authoritative resources with users’ contacts. We fix every query.

Everyone can leave complains concerning any question with the help of special data-entry form.

All clients who use “Bee Travel” services are satisfied, however there are dissatisfied tourists who have left the queries or called but we have rational explanations, for example:

- it is impossible to have good rest in Lviv spending 250 UAH per person (accommodation, excursions, meals…), we do not offer such rest :)!

- we pay attention to every client and that is why the queries are processed on a first come basis especially during the tourist season

- when customers leave their e-mails we send reference offers as we cannot estimate tourists’ demands

- next...


We hope you understand us.

Thank you for the attention. Have nice rest!  



Comments about Lviv

   Comments about Lviv help you to make right conclusion about the time and place of your next vacation. Agree that hundreds of tourists have received bright impressions, took beautiful photos, fell in love with wonderful city and probably you will return from Lviv having new love in your heart. Do not hesitate, read comments about Lviv on forums, book tours on “Bee Travel” and go to learn the city that is waiting for you.

Comments about the excursions in lviv

    If you are going to have a vacation try to organize it in such a way that on your returning home you’ll be able to remember something interesting besides the wash and bright sun. Let your credo during the trip be cognitive interest and comfort. Read the comments about the excursions that are organized by the staff of “Bee Travel” company. Each comment is a true love confession to a little-known city. Comments about the tours, organization of leisure time and rest, transport and accommodation you can find of the forums of travelers and make appropriate conclusions.

Comments about Lviv from tourists

    If you are still doubt that Lviv is the city where tourists are always welcome, where coziness and archaism of ancient streets is closely connected with modern style of architecture and it is impossible to visit all sights even for a week then read comments about Lviv from the tourists. You should not be confused by exciting posts on the forum as Lviv can leave only best impressions and memories. Warm hospitality of locals, cozy cafes where the best coffee is prepared, beautiful abbeys and parks…how can anyone dislike this beautiful Lviv?