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Combined tours in Lviv for tourists and guests . Daily...

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   “Bee Travel” as well as any other travel agency organizes joint tours for particular dates. There are joint tours around Lviv, which are arranged every day and every week, they can be either eventful tours or city breaks. Such trips are planned for definite number of tourists, for whom hotels may be reserved in advance.

    “Bee Travel” agency offers joint tours to Lviv for travelers from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, the near and far abroad. And it is not necessarily to wait for formation of a group in your city, you may just choose the tour you are interested in on the website and join it. Schedule of joint tours for every month will help to choose the required trip in advance.  If there are free places and an independent tourist may join the group, he or she will pay the minimum price for servicing of the whole tour or a separate excursion.

   Popular classical tours will be suitable for tourists, who have arrived in Lviv for the first time and are not familiar with its prominent monuments. As a rule, the program of such tours includes attendance of all places of note throughout the city. Joint tours around Lviv outskirts will help to sightsee historical treasures of the region, to see the extraordinary beautiful Carpathian Mountains and ancient settlements around the tourist capital.

   For our clients from other towns employees of “Bee Travel” organize a warm-hearted welcome in Lviv, take care of their comfortable residence and full-fledged nutrition (you will be advised where to taste the most delicious food). Joint tours for tourists and guests of the city offered by “Bee Travel” company are distinguished for their duration and program, living standards and free time available. But the company’s employees guarantee that members of all joint groups will surely gain unforgettable impressions and the highest satisfaction. Working over improvement of regular joint tours (event, excursion, childish etc.) the tourist company considers all tourists’ wishes and complaints, makes changes in their programs.

Regular combined tours in Lviv
Regular combined tours in Lviv

   Do you want to get an opportunity to join combined groups and start learning Lviv without spending time on beforehand reservation of tours and without waiting for several months? You are welcome to visit “Bee Travel” company web site. Here you can find new proposals, interesting offers, regular combined tours to the capital of Western Ukraine. You can learn the history of the city, visit castles and caves, see beautiful squares and parks of modern Lviv.

Daily combined tours around Lviv

   “Bee Travel” company and our best guides, Lviv locals who love the city very much and want to show the city from its best sides to the tourists organize combined tours for the tourists and guests of Lviv. We provide warm reception in Lviv, if you contact our managers beforehand we book hotel, restaurant, give an opportunity to take bus excursions together with curious tourists. Visit “Bee Travel” web site more often and you will understand that daily combined tours give you an opportunity to visit Lviv, fabulous and ancient capital of Galicia, any time you want.

Combined tours around Lviv
Combined tours around Lviv

    Why combined tours around Lviv suburbs are so convenient for so many tourists? The reason is that not everyone can find time to come to Lviv for a week in order to walk with a personal guide around all outstanding sights of ancient Lemberg. However, combined tours around Lviv that join tourists from all cities and countries allow us learning the history of famous capital of Galicia any day you come to Lviv. So, if you have a free weekend and accidently see an attractive advertisement on “Bee Travel” web site that says “Our company organizes combined tours” be sure it is a real pickup for you!