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Tourists in Lviv

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One day and two days tours to Lviv on days off


    Lviv is an interesting city, which from year to year approves its status of cultural, cuisine and tourist capital of the country and attracts a growing number of tourists. And what is the most pleasant – most of them are our fellow countrymen. City breaks to Lviv, ordered both by independent tourists and even groups, are becoming more popular. These guided tours are most frequently ordered by tourists from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk in various tourist companies and agencies.

     Lviv tourist company “Bee Travel” also recommends to spend weekends in Lviv, but on the contrary from other companies it is familiar with the whole city tourist infrastructure from within. And it means that our employees can better than others choose an apartment and an excursion program according to clients’ demands. Leisure breaks to Lviv from “Bee Travel” allow not only to get acquainted with prominent city monuments, but to participate in local holidays and festivals. Being local residents the company’s managers are the first to get to know about exhibitions, stage plays, shows and performances can be attended in Lviv at the weekend. So, if you decide to visit Lviv over the weekend, you should appeal to “Bee Travel” and you will have an unforgettable rest.

    Certainly, at first it is necessary to look through all leisure breaks to Lviv for tourists offered by the company. Believe that a range of leisure breaks is large enough. It can be single-day tour, which allows to get in touch with Austrian, Polish or Jewish Lviv. During two-day tour you will be able not only to visit basic famous monuments, but to visit the city museums. As these tours are arranged every week, you may little by little learn the old part of the city. Certainly, it is impossible to order such leisure break every Saturday, but it is easy date the visit for the holiday or festival you are interested in. Leisure breaks to Lviv at half-price are especially popular among clients of “Bee Travel”. These are tours during different events, held by museums, galleries and other tourist ob objects of the city.

   You can reach the tourist capital by different kinds of transport (by plane, train, car), but among others types of tours bus tours are the most sought-after weekend tours to Lviv.

Visit Lviv on days off

   Come to Lviv on days off! You will see a very hospitable city, open-faced and welcoming locals and clean streets. One day tours do not give an opportunity to interpenetrate ancient and modern history of the city but leave impressions that make you return. Booking one day or two days tours to Lviv on “Bee Travel” web-site you can have a look at ancient capital of Galicia but to learn it and to love it with the whole soul you need to stay in Lviv at least for a week.

Days off travel packages to Lviv
Days off travel packages to Lviv

   Is it profitable for the tourist to make a beforehand reservation even if he books bus tour to Lviv on days off and not for the whole vacation? Firstly it is an essential saving. Secondly, if you make a beforehand reservation you receive an opportunity to choose the best hotel and to develop accurate and detailed plan of actions. So, booking days off travel packages to Lviv at “Bee Travel” company you get all mentioned advantages.

Days off tours in Lviv
Days off tours in Lviv

   You don’t need to wait for a vacation in order to visit Lviv. Day off tours in Lviv organized by “Bee Travel” company give an opportunity to have rich, interesting, cheerful and informative vacation. Program of day off tours in Lviv is developed considering tourists’ interests and with the aim to show as many interesting places of the city as possible. You will forever remember days off in Lviv you’ve spent together with your friends or family as it is impossible not to fall in love with this city. In order to make your trip more pleasant you can buy day off tour to Lviv at half cost, so visit “Bee Travel” web-site more often for the purpose not to miss the discount!