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Tourists in Lviv

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Touristic center of Lviv

   People, who are familiar with districts of Lviv and are going to see as much as possible in one place, especially on arrival in the city go to the city center. Lviv in the form as it was hundreds of years ago remains intact right here - in the center. This does not mean that other districts of Lviv must be ignored, because in the outskirts of the city you can see a lot of interesting things, but still the center of Lviv takes an important place of interest for tourists.

  At the heart of the city many interesting buildings, representing different periods and times of the city development, remained intact. By the quantity of ancient monuments of architecture Lviv region and the city in particular is a leader in Ukraine. Many districs of the city can boast of perfectly preserved buildings, which are more than one hundred years old. Just in few kilometers from the city in Lviv region you can see simply amazing medieval castles, which form one of the most interesting tourist routes called the "Golden Horseshoe". Almost entire Lviv region and all districs of the city are of historical value, so you can boldly go to Lviv, being confident - there are many sights to see!