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Tourists in Lviv

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Bus tours around Lviv. Excursion programs for tourists

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    Modern comfortable buses and minibuses from the best European manufacturers made bus guided tours extremely popular. Being equipped with all needments these buses minimize all inconveniences, which have been previously related with such trips. Exactly due to this company “Bee Travel” offers its clients various bus tours to Lviv. Tourists, who use services of our agency, make bus tours to Lviv from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities and also from neighboring and remote countries.

   You can choose bus tour to Lviv by yourself or use the company’s managers’ assistance. Anyway that will be the best bus tours around Lviv, because an absolute satisfaction of tourists’ needs is the main purpose of “Bee Travel”.

   “Bee Travel” Company is continuously updating and improving excursion programs around Lviv. It means that one can use its services regularly, not being afraid that the new trip will repeat the next one. Today the most popular is a sightseeing bus tour around Lviv, which allows to see numerous city monuments of architecture and sacral buildings of the ancient city, visit its most remarkable places – Lviv High Castle, Lychakiv Cemetery etc.

   Tourists can choose one-day bus tours to get acquainted with particular sphere of city life (beer tour), two-day bus tours – to visit city celebrations (Chocolate, Pampukh Holiday or Coffee Holiday) and many international festivals, taking place in Lviv. Those people, who would like to become familiar not only with the city, but its suburbs (Western Ukraine and its castles), may order three-day bus tours. Followers of quests and other forms of active rest also regularly buy “Bee Travel” bus tours for days off.

Bus tours to Lviv

  Nowadays when we are short in time we cannot lot upon a long vacation but one day bus tours to Lviv give us an opportunity to learn the city with the respect to come here in future for a long time. “Bee Travel” company offers two days tours to Lviv, an ancient capital of Galicia, to the tourists who want to spend their days off with the profit to their souls. You’ll see the most beautiful places of the city, visit ancient castles, popular cafes, savour best coffee and chocolate and take wonderful photos.

Bus excursion tours around Lviv

   Excursion programs around Lviv can be developed considering your desire. You can connect “Bee Travel” manager by phone and specify what exactly you want to see in Lviv and we organize sightseeing bus excursion around Lviv. You can spend your weekend in Lviv and get a lot of impressions in a short time as bus excursion tours allow to cover everything and see the treasures of ancient Lviv in several days, its architecture, monuments, museums, squares and old city.

Best bus excursions around Lviv

    “Bee Travel” managers can prepare bus tours to Lviv for you. At your option tour program can contain the most interesting excursions around the city and its suburbs. Travelling by bus you can see a lot of important sights and historical monuments even during two days off. “Bee Travel” agency organizes best bus excursions around Lviv for your company if you come as a group and finds free places for your family while taking planned tours. Bus tour to Lviv on days off is a perfect ability to meet the city for the first time in order to continue it and to spend a week or two weeks’ vacation there.