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Tourists in Lviv

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Airport in Lviv

   Lviv airport is the main transport node of the city and its air gates that connect Lviv with the whole world as any other big city that receives a great number of visitors. Plane that arrives to Lviv lands almost within the limits of the city that helps tourists to get to the center of Lviv in half of an hour. All flights to Lviv are directed to Lviv airport except of single cases when the flight is set to the nearest airport for some reason. Even in this case if you have arrived to some other city you will get to Lviv without any problems and realize all your plans especially those that are connected with the rest in Lviv. Fortunately, airline tickets to Lviv become available for many categories of people and you can find this information out in the airport. A lot of tourists, students and businessmen arrive to Lviv every day. Everybody has its own purpose of travel, plans and wants but all these people are connected by a common desire to see Lviv. Learning of interesting places and architectures of Lviv begins from Lviv airport that is itself an architectute and quite a nice building.